About Run Wild Retreats + Wellness

offering premier trail running + wellness retreats around the world that feed your soul and commitment to a healthy running lifestyle

Our Mission

Run Wild Retreats + Wellness offers small-group retreats that help runners reduce their stress so they
have more energy and vitality. Using healthy running techniques to cultivate deeper self-compassion,
intentional training, confidence and self-care, retreat participants come away with not only renewed
motivation and passion for running, but also timeless tools and methods for making their well-being
and self-care a top priority (without the guilt). Runners from anywhere in the world can take part in
one of our virtual retreats or join us live in places like Moab, Utah, Costa Brava Spain, Iceland and more.

The Run Wild Retreat Experience

Our retreats are organized to the highest standard in partnership with locally based guides in each
destination. Not only do you explore a beautiful destination on foot, you get to know local culture,
dine on local cuisine and learn local heritage. After the retreat ends, you become a member of the
Healthy Runners Community, where you receive ongoing support for implementing the healthy
running principles you learned during the retreat.

Our Values

Self compassion
Intentional Action
Personal Growth

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What Our Guests Say

“I lack the right words to capture the feeling I’m left with after the past week in such a magical place and with such powerful, inspiring women. However, suffice it to say, I feel restored and strong.”

Lyndsey B, Greenwich, CT

“Before the retreat, I was struggling with low motivation if I wasn’t training for an event and was hard on myself when I didn’t meet my goals. At the retreat I learned how to apply self-compassion to my running.  I loved the camaraderie, encouragement and support.”

Leslie, H., Charlotte, NC

“This retreat was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It was a great opportunity to learn from such a knowledgeable and compassionate coach and share my love of running with a fun-loving group of women. I returned home more motivated and inspired about my running.”

Patricia H., Boulder, CO

“I now have a completely different opinion of what I can achieve as a runner. I have learned to throw out those old physical and mental limitations I tended to harbor.”

Kristie K., Austin, TX.

Where will running take you?