Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a running camp and a running retreat?

Running camps generally focus on workouts and coaching for building fitness and improving run performance. At Run Wild Retreats + Wellness, our focus is on building the foundation of health you need before you can safely build fitness. That’s why our retreats are truly a retreat from your everyday routine and offer you a mental and physical break. That space allows you to slow down, tune in and rediscover what your body and heart are craving right now. Our retreats are an immersion in mindful running because it not only makes you a better runner, but when you open yourself to its full potential, can make you a better, more confident, happier person.

What level of runner do I have to be for these retreats?

We’re pleased to offer a greater variety of retreats than ever before. Whether you’ve been running for 40 years or 4 months, we have a retreat for you. While you’ll need at least basic running fitness (and good health) to participate in these retreats, it’s usually not necessary to have experience running on trails. Retreats of all levels include coaching and support from your retreat leader to help you grow and refine your running skills and fitness.

All of our runs take place at a relaxed, social pace and are completely non-competitive. You get to run at your own pace, and not have to worry about keeping up with anyone else. No one gets left behind; our professional guides are there to ensure your comfort and safety.

**If you’re unsure about which retreat best suits you, reach out to one of our retreat travel specialists using the form below.

For example, if run at most six to eight miles at a time and want the option to run shorter distances depending on how you feel, we recommend checking out the Moab Mindful Running Retreat or Costa Brava Running + Wellness Retreat. 

If you can run a half marathon, then consider the Costa Brava Running + Wellness Retreat or Iceland Trail Running + Wellness Retreat.

If you have trail running experience and like longer distances, check out the new Swiss Alps Trail Running + Wellness Retreat.

What is included in the retreat package?

The itinerary varies, but generally includes ground transportation during the retreat, some airport transfers, professional trail running guides, running coaching, accommodations, most meals, activities, wellness workshops, custom souvenirs and support from your retreat leader. Exclusions are usually airfare, alcoholic drinks, purchases of a personal nature, guide gratuities, additional activities before or after the retreat.

What is the booking process? 

We generally open registration ten to eight months before the retreat is scheduled to begin. You can save your spot in the retreat of your choosing with a deposit. Then about four months before the retreat, you’ll receive an email from our customer support team reminding you of the date at which your retreat balance is due.

(If you are unable to attend to the retreat and need to cancel, you have a couple of options. Click here to view our cancellation policy.)

Otherwise, once you have paid your retreat balance, our customer support team emails you an email containing three important documents: 1. Retreat Participant Intake Form. 2. Retreat Liability Waiver and Model Release Form. and 3. Retreat Planning Guide.

The Retreat Planning Guide is a comprehensive booklet containing all you need to know to plan your trip, such as what to bring, how to plan your travel and much more.

Will I lose my deposit if I have to cancel? 

Starting this year, we’re pleased to offer you more options in case you have to cancel. If you have to cancel after paying a deposit, we will refund you a portion of your deposit, less a cancellation fee of $300 on domestic retreats or $500 for international (outside the U.S.) retreats. However, you can avoid this cancellation fee by transferring your deposit to different retreat.

Choose a retreat you’d like to book instead, then contact to initiate the booking transfer process. Please note that there is a $100 processing fee associated with transferring your deposit from one retreat to another.

What is mindful running?

Some of our retreats are centered around teaching the principles of mindful running. Mindfulness and running are beautifully complimentary practices that when done together, not only improve your running, but also serve as a powerful, sustainable, enjoyable practice that enhances all areas of your life. Running mindfully offers a better way to manage your energy, stress and fitness. Whether you’re a parent, a business leader, a caregiver or whatever important roles you play, you are needed. But you can’t serve others until you serve yourself first. Mindful running helps you manage stress, fix a bad mood, refresh your mind and strengthen your body. It lets you be your best self and fully show up for those who depend on you. Mindful running allows you to thrive not only as a runner, but also as a person.

What is a virtual retreat?

You don’t have to travel half way around the world to start running mindfully. Our virtual retreats are modeled after our transformative live retreats, is a six-week program you can practice at home. This program helps you run just the right amount to reach your goals, avoid overuse injuries, have more energy during and after running, run without pain, feel confident and prepared on race day, experience running as fun instead of a chore and manage stress. Each week you receive a new lesson and technique to incorporate into your current running routine or training plan. Elinor is with you every step of the process, offering support and answering questions by email and four online coaching sessions.

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