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Five of the Best Blogs for Stress Relief
by Hannah Nichols for Medical News Today, March 29, 2017
“Run Wild Retreats + Wellness have numerous articles that combat stress through running, from run prescriptions for unwanted stress-related feelings, to showing how running can strengthen our voices as well as our muscles, and allow us to speak up and stand up for issues that matter most to us.” Read the full article here. 

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Guarantee Success At Your Half Marathon
by Elinor Fish, IMPACT Magazine (Canada) March 2017
“This mindful running approach to your next half-marathon is designed to maximize the enjoyment of every run, ensure sustained energy, swift recovery and high motivation.” Read the full article here. 

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Health and Wellness Retreats: Where to Reset in 2017
by Jenn Murphy for, January 4, 2017
“Geared toward high-achieving women seeking better work-life balance as well as recreational and avid runners, the retreat combines daily guided trail runs through stunning fjords with spa treatments and wellness workshops that focus on mindfulness techniques.” Read the full article here. 

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Train – and Live – Stress Free Through Mindful Running Retreats, November 16, 2016
“Four years ago, Elinor Fish left her job as a PR maven for Newton Running and other performance sport and destination brands at Backbone Media in Carbondale, Colorado, and went full-on into a business that would not only be her greatest labor of love, but also her life’s work.” Read the full article here. 

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9 Health & Wellness Retreats Around the World to Book Now for 2017
{Un}Covered, October 30, 2016
“Wind your way, on foot, through the picturesque fishing villages of Costa Brava’s stunning Mediterranean coastline during this guided running and wellness retreat for women. Learn how to better manage your energy and prevent injury through mindful running form clinics and wellness workshops led by Run Wild Retreats CEO Elinor Fish.” Read the full article here. 

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Triumph Over Fear
by Rachel Sturtz, Women’s Health magazine, March October 2016
“All-women sports and skills camps are sprouting up across the country and they’re designed around how we like to learn. Expert Elinor Fish turns road rats into mountain goats in her guided trail runs with Run Wild Retreats + Wellness.” Read the full article here. 

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7 Adventurous Yoga Retreats 
Kelly DiNardo, Fodor’s Travel, August 26, 2016
“Each October running coach Elinor Fish leads Moab Mindful Running Retreat, which draws on yogic principles of breath and movement to make running a mindful practice. The four-day, three-night retreat includes two restorative yoga practices at a local studio, practical clinics, and wellness workshops meant to build strong, healthy, injury-free runners who recover better and find more flow in running and life.” Read the full article here. 

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On The Run: Meditation Can Make You a Better Runner 
by Yitka Winn, Outdoors NW Magazine, July 22, 2016
“Movements like running synchronize your breath with the limbs in a rhythmic pattern, which is very calming and focusing to the mind,” says Elinor Fish, a British Columbia native who offers mindfulness-based retreats, workshops and coaching programs to runners all over the world.” Read the full article here. 

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How to Incorporate Mindfulness Intro Training 
by Susan Lacke, Triathlete magazine, March 17, 2016
“Endurance activities like running are very conducive to achieving a meditative state of mind,” says Elinor Fish, mindfulness expert and creator of the Mindful Running Training System. “Movements like running synchronize your breath with the limbs in a rhythmic pattern, which is very calming and focusing to the mind.” Read the full article here. 

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Overtraining Can Decrease Your Immune Function and Tax Your Adrenals
by Dr. Mercola, Peak Fitness, March 18, 2016
“Chronic overexertion can take a tremendous toll on your health. As described by Elinor Fish in a previous Huffington Post article, as an avid runner she was surprised when she suddenly developed persistent fatigue and mood swings. After struggling for four years, she was eventually diagnosed with adrenal fatigue.” Read the full article here. 

The Conscious Runner Podcast

 Running Free From Burnout, Injury and Fatigue
podcast interview with Lisah Hamilton, February 2016
“Using a mindful approach to training and recovery, Elinor helps runners break free from cycles of chronic injury, burnout and the constant struggle to reach fitness and racing goals.” Listen to the conversation now. 

Competitor Magazine

Holistic Running Renewal
by Allison Pattillo, Competitor, February 2016
“The process incorporates a whole-health approach, setting mindful goals, creating a consistent practice around running listening to your body and being aware of how running is working for you.” Read the full article here.

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 The 11 Best Wellness Retreats In the World Right Now
by Christine Yu, Well + Good, January 25, 2016
“Ready to take your fitness-and-wellness game on the road? Here are 11 amazing retreats that will rejuvenate your body and mind—and vitamin D levels. Apologies in advance for the bad case of wanderlust we’re about to inflict on you….” Read the full article here.


Deseret News National

Mindful runners seek a still mind in a fast body
by Jennifer Graham, Deseret News National newspaper, January 12, 2016
Fish, a running coach who offers a mindful-running retreat in Moab, Utah, said mindful running is a needed antidote to the stronger-faster-harder approach to running that leaves so many runners injured, fatigued and burned out.” Read the full article here. 

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Could Running Be Bad for Us?
by Jahala Seppanen, Sports Goods Business Weekly, December 2015
“Run Wild Retreats introduces a system of Mindful Running to a society in desperate need of a solution for stress and sustained performance. (…) Past [retreat] attendees have flocked to the website with testimonials of their transformation and thanking Fish for changing their lives for the better. ” Read the full article here. 

Women's Health

Think Outside the Box: How to Run Like a Pro
by Cristina Goyanes,  Women’s Health magazine, October 2015
‘”Depending on the trail difficulty, elevation change, and many other factors like weather, it’s much harder to assess just how long it may take,” says Elinor Fish, a trail-running expert in Carbondale, Colorado.” Read more trail running tips in the full article here.

Huffington Post

Am I Just Really Tired, or Do I Have Adrenal Fatigue?
by Einor Fish, Huffington Post Healthy Living, Aug. 2015
“My head was foggy from a bad nights’ sleep, my body felt like lead and I couldn’t bear the thought of facing the world, let alone running. Less than a year earlier, I’d been racing ultramarathons while juggling a career as magazine editor and a family.” Read more here.



Women's Running

Avoid “Runner’s Rut” With These 5 Perfect Tips
by Allison Pattillo, Women’s Running Magazine July 2015
“Running and wellness coach Elinor Fish, of Carbondale, Colo., wondered the very same thing. She set off on a path of learning and self-discovery and found answers. Applying lessons she’s learned during her journey, Fish fell in love with running again.” Read more here.

Happy Healthy You

Happy Healthy You Podcast Interview
interview with Connie Bowman, July 3, 2015
Podcaster Connie Bowman interviews Elinor Fish about how to transform your runs from mundane to magical with mindfulness and trying some awesome new trails. Click here to listen now.

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Training Overload Examined

by Elinor Fish, Trail Runner July 2015
“Overtraining, often blamed for training slumps, is easily confused with the more serious adrenal fatigue.” Read the article here.

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11 Best Running Camps for Adults in the U.S. 

by Christine Yu, 
“Unlike most running camps, the emphasis of the Moab Mindful Running Retreat is not improving performance or training techniques. Instead, Elinor Fish, director and former managing editor of Trail Runner Magazine wants to make running less stressful on you and your body.”


Elinor Fish on Running as a Mindful Practice
by Julia Hanlon, host of Running On Om podcast
“As soon as I started to use running as a means to support healing, by making it a mindful practice, then I was able to restore my health. And once I had my health back, then I was able to start to build my fitness back up again.”

Aging Actively
by Cindy Hirschfeld, Aspen Magazine, March 2015
“Savvy experts and avid athletes give inspiring advice on staying fit and strong for the long term.”

Burned Out? 4 Tips for Mindful Running
by Erinn Morgan, Women’s Movement, November 6, 2014
“‘Maybe you need rest, improved nutrition, or even to step up your training—whatever it is, mindful running gives you the tools to improve your self care,” she says. Here, Elinor shares the signs of stress overload—plus 4 ways in which we can all become more mindful runners and athletes.”

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Go Uphill Faster
by Rachel Sturtz, 5280, The Denver Magazine, August 16, 2012
“Good posture will engage the glues (your most powerful running muscle) and core muscles, particularly the lower abdominals.”

Top Tips for Trail Running Newbies
by Lucy Maher,, September 2014
“Rather than trying to navigate around roots and rocks, the easiest foot placement may be on top of it,” says Elinor Fish, running coach and owner of Run Wild Retreats. “Scan the trail for the flattest food landings, which sometimes may also be elevated off the ground. Even if your whole foot can’t fit there, placing your forefoot or midfoot on the obstacles … may be the most efficient way forward.”

You Call a Four-Day Running Camp a Vacation?
By Marc Parent, Runner’s World, July 2014
“Trail-running and wellness coach Elinor Fish offers trail runs, cooking demos, meditation sessions, yoga and more.”

How should I prepare for my first trail race?
By Amanda MacMillan,, April 2014
“First, consider the race course: “Will it be rocky, rooty, or sandy? If so, prepare your lower legs with strengthening and stability exercises, such as one-footed squats while balancing on a wobble board,” says Fish, whose Run Wild Retreats teach road runners how to best transition off the beaten path.”

Los Angeles Times

Trail Running: Run Away from life’s problems and into a healthy body
by Jeannine Stein, Los Angeles Times, January 2011
“This is the most time-efficient and effective way of eliminating stress and refreshing your mind,” says Elinor Fish, managing editor of Trail Runner magazine. “That is definitely a big draw of the sport, especially for people who don’t have a lot of time.”

Yoga Journal

Call of the Wild
by Lauren Ladoceour, Yoga Journal, May 2011
“Daily yoga helps you tune in to your body rhythms and breath and savor the meditative quality of running in nature.”

Give the Treadmill a Rest and Trail Run
Shape magazine, July 2012 
“Hit the dirt with these pointers from Elinor Fish, owner of Run Wild Trail Running and Wellness Retreats in Carbondale, CO.”

Bite Size wellness

What You Need to Know About Trail Running
 by Teresa Tobat, Bite Size Wellness, May 2014
“Trail running expert Elinor Fish breaks down the fundamentals of the sport for us. And Fish has more than enough credentials to her name.”

Marathon and Beyond

The Idea that Brought This Runner Back from Ruin
by Elinor Fish, Marathon and Beyond, September 2014
“After successfully completing Colorado’s infamous Leadville Trail 100 several years ago, I was on cloud nine, dreaming about my next big endurance challenge. While my imagination soared, my body plummeted into depths of exhaustion I’d never before experienced.”

Elevation Outdoors

How to Avoid Injury and Burnout This Trail Race Season
by Elinor Fish, Elevation Outdoors Magazine, June 2014
Running is usually a productive stress, meaning that it causes physiological adaptations that make you stronger, faster and able to run longer. But too much stress of any sort—either from overtraining, job pressures, difficult relationships or financial worries—accumulate over time and can overload your system.”


Summer Camps for Grown Ups
by Katie Arnold, Outside Online, June 23, 2014
“If you shy away from Strava, hate wearing a heart-rate-monitor, and just want to run well and feel great doing it, then this four-day holistic trail running retreat in the wilderness outside of Aspen is for you. Blending mindfulness practice, yoga for runners, and plant-based nutrition, the camp—led by running and health coach Elinor Fish—is a stellar primer on how to run mindfully for maximum health, for life.”


Runner's World

Into the Wild: If you want to get technical
by Michelle Hamilton and Lisa Jhung, Runner’s World, October 2010
“‘All trail runners, even professional racers, walk steep grades. “If you can walk faster than you can run, always walk,” Fish says. It conserves energy without costing time.” Read the article here.


Take to the Trails
by Diana Price, Women magazine, Summer 2012
“Trail Running is a fast-growing sport that offers women fitness, stress relief and community. Among those turning to the trails are growing numbers of female runners who are discovering the joy and the fitness opportunities to be found in trail running.”

Trail Runnner

Recover Right: What Should Be In Your Post-Run Recovery Drink?
by Elinor Fish, Trail Runner magazine
Ironically, what you consume right after a run largely influences the quality of your recovery. As soon as you stop running, your body shifts into repair mode to heal muscle microtears, replace glycogen stores and build lean-muscle protein. These cellular reparations are what make you stronger and faster.”


Women's Adventure

Run Well and be Well
Women’s Adventure magazine, March 2012
“Trail running, yoga classes, gourmet food, and natural hot springs—it sounds like a recipe for the perfect day! What if you could have several days in a row that were each magnificent? You can—while also having time and opportunity to enjoy many other activities—at the third annual Run Wild Trail Running and Wellness Retreat”

Girls Gone Sporty

Take to The Trails
By Laura Williams, Girls Gone Sporty, May 2014
“Elinor Fish’s love of running led her to host her first Run Wild Retreat a few years back. The retreat’s success, and Elinor’s desire to support more runners, led to the launch of her online courses and workshops. While new ventures can be challenging, learn how she’s taking it all in stride.”