Northern Iceland Mindful Running Retreat

Women’s Mindful Running Mastermind
August 17 – 21, 2017




Are you pouring from an empty cup?

You do a lot and give a lot. You thrive on being busy, productive and making things happen. But when was the last time you replenished yourself? Running is a vitally important part of your routine. But it’s hard to find the energy or time to squeeze into your packed schedule. So you get up crazy early in the morning to run or do it late at night.

Sleep? That’s a luxury. You collapse into bed only to wake a few hours later, mind spinning with ideas about how take your business to its next level or panicking because you forgot to return a phone call.

You’re in overdrive all day long, making the most of every minute of each sugar- and caffeine-fueled day and it’s really hard to shut it off. On weekends, you coerce yourself into a long run or race even though it leaves you completely wiped the rest of the day.

You push yourself week after week because you are passionate, driven and ambitious and care a lot about the causes and people you serve.

But is all that activity fueled by adrenaline?

How close are you to burning out?

Transform stress from something that depletes you to something that makes you stronger, more motivated and empowered so you can better fulfill the vitally important roles you play in life.

You like to be on the go. The thought of sitting on a meditation cushion makes you cringe.

But did you know that mindfulness is one of the most powerful and effective ways to transform bad stress into good stress? Good stress makes you more resilient to emotional stress, makes you a better, stronger runner and activates the most creative, intelligent parts of your brain.


• starting each day brimming with energy, enthusiasm and vitality.

• being primed for bigger challenges rather than overwhelmed.

• starting each run feeling fresh and motivated.

• getting stronger and fitter with each run.

Don’t worry; there’s no seated meditation during this retreat. Instead, you’ll master mindfulness while running to transform your stress and become more personally fulfilled and effective in all areas of your life.

Here's how:


Post-run recovery practices that do fit into your busy schedule and support rapid healing so you can bounce back from any run or race faster than ever.


You don’t need a rigid training plan, but you do want to run consistently and sustainably. We’ll co-create a customized running practice that fits into your life and stops mileage “feast or famine” cycles that leave you frustrated and exhausted.


Tired of striving to get more done in running and in life? Stop working so hard to make stuff happen and learn how to enter the Flow State, when you are performing at the very top of your game. This works in life as well as in running.


Convert bad stress (which fuels fatigue, inflammation, premature aging and illness) into good stress, which builds endurance, strength and healthy joints.


You have a lot on your mind and it’s hard to shut off. Master the art of mindful running to slow the stream of thoughts, fears, worries and ideas streaming through your mind. Experience the power of clarity, focus and presence on and off the trail.


Good posture not only makes you a more powerful runner, it changes how you perceive yourself. Learn how to use the Power Posture to instantly become a stronger runner, raise your confidence and present your best self to the world.

Mindful Running Mastermind Experience

June - August 2017

June 17 – August 16   |   Intro to the Mindful Running Training System

Starting mid-June, you’ll receive a module from the Mindful Running Training System that you integrate into your running routine. Note your observations and experiences in the Mindful Running Training Log delivered to you by mail. Then join the online workshops, facilitated by Elinor, during which she answers your questions and helps you integrate the mindful running techniques into your running routine and overcome your biggest obstacles.

August 17   |   Welcome to Deplar Farm

Fly from Reykjavik to Akureyri, the unofficial capitol city of Northern Iceland and important center of Iceland’s fishing industry. Meet our driver, Bear, for the transfer to Deplar Farm in the Sprinter van for the drive to Deplar Farm, a little over one hour away. Upon arrival, your hosts will greet you with a glass of champagne and amuse-bouche, after which you settle into your luxurious suite. After some time to change and freshen up, we will gather in the living room for the official Iceland Mindful Running Retreat Opening led by your retreat leader and mindful running coach, Elinor Fish. Then we’ll enjoy a relaxed, social shake out run of about five miles before returning to Deplar Farm. Tonight we’ll enjoy our first gourmet dinner.

August 18   |   Fjordlands Trail Run

Start the day with a gentle, 30-minute stretching class to ease your muscles into the day’s activities to come. After a made-to-order gourmet breakfast, we’ll head outside the lodge for our first natural running clinic. Then we’ll drive to the trail head with our guides for a trail run over pristine, grassy-covered fjords, during which we practice the principles we learned, followed by a picnic lunch. After eating, our driver takes us back to Deplar Farm for some free time to freshen up and relax in the spa. This time may be spent in solitude, enjoying a professional massage or kayaking on nearby Stifluvatn Lake. In the later afternoon, we meet for our first of three Wellness Workshops with Elinor. After another fabulous gourmet meal, kick back and relax to watch some northern lights, hang out in the media room or around the cozy fireplace in the great hall.

Day 3 Vik black sand beach

August 19   | Haganesvík

Start your day with a gentle but soothing 30-minute stretching class in the spa area. After a nourishing breakfast, we’ll have our second natural running form clinic outside the lodge, after which we’ll drive west to the Haganesvik area for a trail run of about 8 to 9 miles over the rolling fjords with views over the Arctic Ocean. At the run’s end, our driver will rendez-vous with us, delivering warm drinks and a picnic lunch to enjoy outside before our return trip to Deplar Farm. Once we return to the lodge, you’ll have some free time for a massage, a swim in the pool or a steam bath. In the late afternoon Elinor will lead our second Wellness Workshop, followed by dinner in the dining room.

August 20  |   Siglufjardarskard + Whale Watching

Our morning begins with another stretching class and made-to-order gourmet breakfast from the chefs at Deplar Farm, and we’ll have our second natural running form clinic outside the lodge. Then we’ll drive to the nearby village of Hraun, where we begin a fun and scenic point-to-point trail run over a pass called Siglufjardarskard, finishing in the fishing village of Siglufjörður, which in the 1950s, had double the population it does now thanks to a booming herring industry. At the run’s end, meet the van for transport to Dalvik, where we’ll enjoy the best fish soup in all of Iceland at a cozy, family-run restaurant, Gisli Erikur Heigl, followed by a two-hour whale watching tour (warm jackets and accessories are provided). After the tour, we drive back to Deplar Farm with free time before dinner to freshen up.

August 21  |  Akureyri

Our final morning begins with a relaxed trail run before breakfast, followed by a light stretching class before we enjoy a final gourmet meal at Deplar Farm. After breakfast, Elinor leads the final Wellness Workshop and retreat wrap up meeting. At midday, we check out of our rooms and make the return drive to Akureyri, for our domestic return flight with Air Iceland to Reykjavik. A driver will then take you from the Reykjavik Domestic Airport to your hotel in the city before your return flight from Keflavik International Airport the following day.

Aug. 22 –  Sept. 5  |   Mindful Running Integration Coaching

Following our time together in Iceland, Elinor will continue to support you as you integrate all that you learned and practiced there. Through email check-ins and a online workshops with the groups, you’ll stay connected with your fellow retreaters and find the encouragement and answers you need to remain inspired and motivated to run and live mindfully.

About Your Retreat Leader, Elinor Fish

CEO of Run Wild Retreats + Wellness

Elinor Fish, CEO of Run Wild Retreats + Wellness, is a writer, speaker and mindful running pioneer whose mission is to educate, inspire and guide runners on a path to balanced health through mindfulness, stress reduction, natural running form, self-care and sustainable training practices.

Her personal health challenges fueled her commitment to support women’s journey of self discovery through running, travel and mindfulness. Since founding Run Wild Retreats + Wellness in 2010, the company has grown to offer premier trail running retreats in five countries.

Over her 18-year career in running and wellness, her articles, programs, workshops and retreats have helped thousands of runners make their running a mindfulness practice to reduce their stress and bring their best selves to their roles as parents, professionals, caregivers and leaders. Elinor’s work and ideas have been featured in major running, outdoor and active lifestyle magazines across the country including Runner’s World, Yoga Journal, Women’s Health, Los Angeles Times, Outside and many more.

This is her third season leading trail running retreats in Iceland, and the first retreat to be held at Deplar Farm, which opened in 2016.

What's Included

Northern Iceland Mindful Running Mastermind Retreat Package


For 8 weeks leading up to the retreat, you’ll receive the Mindful Running Training System, designed by Elinor. This at-home program includes guided audio trainings, email support and interactive workshops.


Your exclusive retreat package includes five days and four nights at Deplar Farm, Eleven Experience’s luxury lodge and spa nestled among the fjords on Northern Iceland’s Troll Peninsula. You have a choice of private King Suite or shared loft Queen Suite room.


Your retreat leader, Elinor provides daily mindful running coaching to help you run trails better and more efficiently. Practice many of the mindful running principles you learned about in the pre-retreat coaching sessions.


Enjoy daily guided trail runs of five to nine miles with Elinor, Deplar Farm’s guides and Icelandic locals who grew up among the surrounding fjords. Trail running experience is not necessary to enjoy the relaxed, social group runs.


At Deplar Farm’s spa, you have unlimited access to sensory deprivation pods. Says Erin Lentz, health and wellness reporter from Robb Report: “An hour-long float in one can feel like six hours of sleep—and conquers jet lag, sports recovery, sleep deprivation, and overactive minds.”


During our stay at Deplar Farm, the lodge’s chef prepares unforgettable breakfasts, lunches and dinners for us featuring many locally procured ingredients including fresh seafood and vegetables (special dietary needs are accommodated).


Elinor will lead you through daily wellness workshops during which you design each aspect of your sustainable running and recovery practice.


Enjoy a post-run recovery massage to support your healing and recovery. You also have 24-hour access to all the spa facilities, including pool, sauna, saltwater pods and more.


Once you return home, receive support from Elinor and your fellow retreaters as you integrate your mindful running practices into your routine.


 Our retreat travel specialists can help you plan your travel from the capitol of Reykjavik to Akureyri in the north, where our retreat begins. We also provide you a comprehensive Retreat Planning Guide, which includes a packing list, itinerary and much more.


Included with your retreat package is an optional two-hour whale watching tour. Warm outerwear is provided so you can remain comfortable while seeing majestic Humpback whales in their natural habitat.


We will pick you up from and drop you off at the Akureyri airport and provide all the ground transportation to and from all our activities around Deplar Farm for the duration of the retreat.

About Running in Iceland

Our daily runs range from 5 to 9 miles over rolling terrain that is engaging and scenically rewarding in many ways.

The trail running in Iceland is spectacular and becoming world-renowned. However, you don’t need trail running experience to participate in this retreat. Your retreat leader will provide you with techniques and tips for taking your running from the roads to trails, and our locally based trail guides will ensure our safety and comfort. We’ll take plenty of water and photo stops along the way so that you can soak up the experience while practicing the mindful running techniques we practice in the clinics and workshops.

We’ll run on a mix of dirt roads and single track hiking trails, and may occasionally venture off trail to explore some of the open, grassy fjords surrounding Deplar Farm. We’ll even use historic trails that were forged by locals who used them to travel overland from village to village on foot before roads were built in this area in the 1980s.

We’ll see evidence of Northern Iceland’s heritage as an ancient Viking settlement, more recently as a fishing-industry hub and modern-day, sparsely populated farming region.

About Deplar Farm

Deplar Farm is a private 28,000 square-foot lodge that combines world-class food, hospitality and lodging with guided outdoor activities such as trail running, whale watching, hiking, kayaking and more.

Also thanks to its secluded and pristine setting, Deplar Farm is far removed from Iceland’s bustling tourists spots of the south, thereby creating a truly unique and relaxing retreat setting. Once a working farm, Deplar is a farm in name only, though it is surrounded by neighbor’s hay fields, pristine mountains and fjords.

robb report health and wellness logo
Given Deplar’s decidedly remote locale, design was no easy task. The island’s natural landscape serves as a muse, and No. 12 took a decidedly minimalist approach, sourcing driftwood from the nearby sea and stone from the local Fljotaa River. The spa lounge features chic appointments, including handmade, cozy Icelandic wool throws, and most noteworthy, inspiring alpine vistas ideal for meditation and reflection.” — Erin Lentz for Robb Report

This is more than a retreat; it's an investment in your well being and health.

Space is limited to 10 people. Apply now to join us for this exclusive retreat experience.

We Are Accepting Applications Now

To make sure this retreat is the right fit for you, we’d like to ask you a few questions. Please click the button to fill out the brief application form. After submitting your answers, Elinor will follow up with you.

**Space is limited to 10 women**


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What People Say:

“Hopefully, we all have a few of those really big life experiences that we look back on and say ‘that was one of the best things I’ve done.’ This retreat is one of them! I am an experienced trail runner and can say this is some of the most incredible running I have ever done. We ran through jaw-dropping scenery on terrain ranging from spongy tundra to technical trail. We saw everything from beautiful forests to scenic vistas. And since we had the rare opportunity to run with local guides, we not only learned a little of the culture, we could split into groups so we could be as challenged or relaxed as we’d like. What a great way to run in a unique location, with amazing women!” Amanda S., Golden CO

“The scenery, comraderie, and beautiful trails exceeded my (very high) expectations. The spirit of the retreat–including that of Elinor, our amazing guides, and my fellow retreaters–was what made it so memorable and meaningful. It felt luxurious to be able to run every day, eat delicious meals, and have plenty of time for recovery and fun. It was a true ‘retreat’ for me, an experience that has been imprinted on my soul (and soles!).” Leah M., Chandler NC

“I now have a completely different opinion regarding what I can personally do with running. This retreat was the kind of trip that required surrender and acceptance for a richer experience …. the views were breathtaking at every turn.” Kristie K., Austin, TX

This Mindful Running Mastermind Retreat is for you if:

  • You lack the motivation, time or energy to make running a fixture in your routine.
  • You work hard to fulfill a lot of important roles and responsibilities but rarely have time for self care, rest and relaxation.
  • When you start ramping up for a race, you just end up exhausted or injured.
  • You love being active but your body doesn’t respond the way it used to
  • You’re desperate to escape life’s “hamster wheel” and start fresh with a practical, sustainable mindful running and self-care practice.
  • You’re ready for a running routine that flows in concert with your crazy, full, demanding life, supports your health and keeps you feeling fit and happy.
  • You’re open to learning from a caring and experienced coach and to having a little adventure while receiving support and guidance along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cancellation policy?

~ Early booking deposits are refundable less a $500 cancellation fee if done so more than 90 days before the retreat start date.
~ After this date, deposits are non-refundable
~ The balance is due on all booking by April 1, 2017
~ After April 1, full payment is required to secure your booking if any spots are still available.
~ After April 1, there are no refunds (though you may transfer your booking to another person).

For more information and to view our full booking terms and conditions, click here. 

Is trail running experience necessary?
You can do this retreat even if you’ve never run trails before. We do recommend basic running fitness, such as the ability to run at least 6 miles on the road. You may run at your pace and most days.
I have special dietary needs; can I be accommodated?

Yes. After your booking is confirmed, we ask that you complete a retreat participant intake form in which you can indicate any special dietary needs you may have. The chefs at Deplar Farm will receive this information in advance of your arrival so that your specific needs can be met with special meals.

The meals at Deplar Farm infuse traditional Iceland ingredients such as fish and lamp with modern influences from Scandinavia and other parts of Europe.

How should I plan my travel?


Book your flight to arrive at the Keflavik International Airport (KEF) on or before August 16, 2017. You can then take the Flybus from the airport to downtown Reykjavik (about 45 minutes away) and spend the night. We will meet at the Reykjavik airport (REY), the small domestic airport 5 minutes from downtown for a domestic flight on Air Iceland to Akureyi.

Our retreat officially begins when we meet our driver at the Akureyri Airport on August 17.

Book your return flight from Keflavik International Airport on August 22, 2017. While we do return to Reykjavik on August 21, there may be weather delays or other unforeseen issues that would make it challenging to ensure a smooth connection from the domestic airport to the KEF on the same day, however, you are welcome to take that option.

We Are Accepting Applications Now

To make sure this retreat is the right fit for you, we’d like to ask you a few questions. Please click the button to fill out the brief application form. After submitting your answers, Elinor will follow up with you.

**Space is limited to 10 women**