End the running injury and burnout cycle


Make running fun and easy again


Do suffer one running injury after another?

 Do you catch a cold when tapering for a marathon?

Is it hard to find the time to run?

Do you need physiotherapy, massage or pain killers to make running bearable?

Are you sore and exhausted after a workout?

Have you lost the joy and fitness gains that you used to have with running?

 Has running become just another chore?

You’re not alone in feeling this way.

Running should feel fun and easy, not make you sore, tired or broken.

I know how frustrating it is to have trained so well for so long, only get sidelined before the big event. 

Running shouldn’t hurt. Rather, it should be one of your healthiest habits.


So here's the TRUTH: training harder and ignoring the pain isn't going to fix this.

It's time to get really clear on what's keeping you stuck in this cycle and taking steps to end it. TODAY.

Healthy Running Means You:

REFUSE to let stress rule your life

ALWAYS have time to run, no matter how busy life gets

ARE ALWAYS motivated

NEVER too tired to run

FEEL running is fun

ARE strong and injury free

ENJOY rejuvenating sleep

GET FITTER with less effort

FEEL just plain awesome

The 3 month Revive Your Running Program gets you there.

Applying a degree of mindfulness to your running practice is key to finally escaping the chronic injury/burnout cycle.

You’ll start to manage your stress so it works for you instead of against you.

Healthy, pain-free running is possible, and I’m here to guide you every step of the way.


“I use the training log religiously; love the guided audio meditation and use it once a week or so. This was the most bang I could get for my buck and I feel like it was money very well spent. When I started the course, I wasn’t enjoying running the ways I once did. It was all a little overwhelming. But now I feel much more confident about my first 50k this June.”


trail runner


“I once again enjoy running for the purpose of running rather than as a job. I look at running as a way to escape the other stresses of life. When I first began working with Elinor, it felt like a duty or job to go out for a run. Now when I think about running, I feel strong, relaxed, and refreshed!”

Lori B.

ER physician, mom, trail runner


“Training is a difficult puzzle to put together to get the best results. Elinor has taught me how to dig deep and listen to my body and mind in order to compete to my best ability. This is something that the mind needs to be aware of when training/competing. Elinor guided me through this process to compete at my best.”

Lindsay Plant

US Ski Mountaineering Team

How it Works


Identify how stress is affecting your health and run performance. Stress creeps into our lives in so many ways. But some of it is helpful, while some stress is just wearing you down. Get clear on what’s zapping your energy and put the plug on that energy drain ASAP.


Cultivate awareness of what your injuries, pain and low motivation are really trying to tell you. These frustrating setbacks are usually symptoms of an underlying problem: that your body is under-recovered, under-nourished or overtrained.


Learn how to optimize your training habits and train smarter. Learn to trust your “internal coach” to guide your training so that your running effort level aligns with how you’re feeling and everything else going on in your life.


As the bad stress melts away, you’re free to experience the flow state, which is when you’re fully engaged in the experience of running and it feels effortless. Flow doesn’t happen by accident, learn how to harness flow to make running–and other activities–easy and incredibly rewarding.

You Will Learn to:

  • Make stress your ally
  • Run with ease
  • Use nutrition to perform and recover better
  • Train smarter not harder
  • Manage your energy output and recovery
  • Always have time to run
  • Prevent injury before it develops
  • Avoid the pitfalls that lead to burnout

You’ll Experience:

  • Healed chronic injuries and pain
  • Raised energy and motivation for running
  • More time for self care
  • Better fitness with less work
  • Boosted confidence and self-image
  • Dialed sports nutrition and eating habits
  • Better sleep and feeling more rested
  • Faster recovery from races and workouts

What's Included:


We’ll have two one-on-one coaching calls per month for three months. In each session, we’ll discuss topics related to the course materials and I answer your specific training and health questions.


The Running Revive e-book explains the core principles you need to know to understand how stress can hold you back from feeling and performing your best in running and in life. You’ll learn how to rate your stress levels and how this information is relevant to your run training.


Send me a video of you running and you’ll receive a detailed running form assessment and detailed instructions on how you can make improvements to run more naturally and efficiently.


I send you weekly emails to check in and see how you’re progressing through the process. I’ll answer your questions and give you as much support and encouragement you need to get the most from this program.


This package includes the Mindful Running Training System, which includes five training modules that guide you step-by-step through the process of developing your “internal coach.” Mastering mindful running allows you to better regulate your training effort and make running a sustainable practice that supports your overall health and well-being.


The 16-week Running Revive Training Log is designed specifically to anchor you on this journey to healthier running. By tracking not only your training, but also your stress levels and energy and other factors, you’ll develop a heightened awareness of how stress affects your health and running.


Receive lifetime access to a private community (Facebook group) that is just for you. Receive support from fellow Revive Your Running Course students and questions that I and/or other community members can answer. You don’t have to go this alone! Every one of us–no matter how long we’ve been running–have to make an effort to put into practice the healthy habits we know we should be doing.

Elinor takes the valuable and refreshing approach that running and racing should be fun and restorative, not painful or exhausting. It’s easy to become focused on a specific time or race goal, which is why El helps clients remember what they love about running and why they started in the first place.

Allison Pattillo

Senior Contributing Editor, Competitor magazine

Elinor nails it. Her work and research on pursuing a healthy living and managing stress is something everyone should take the time to read. The fact that she allows herself to be vulnerable and speaks about her own struggles really makes it easy to approach and work with El. She just gets it, and she also has the answers.

Gina Lucrezi

Professional ultra trail runner, for New Balance, Julbo and Ultimate Direction

I was looking for a holistic approach to healthy running and found it here. I learned to relax and not work harder than I need to. At the workshop, I learned about the importance of going into a run well fueled so I can all the benefit I can from the workout. I also learned about the importance of recovery and stretching. It was a really fun course; thank you so much! I learned a ton!

Heather P.

Carbondale, Colorado

 This is a 3-month program for which there are limited spaces available.
I am currently accepting applications for new clients.

To apply, schedule a complimentary Training Tune Up Power Session with Elinor below.




Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I'm ready for this course?


This course is for you if you’ve tried to “train your way” out of injury or become exhausted or burned out every time to start preparing for a race or increasing mileage, for example.

If you’re tired of needing regular physiotherapy, massage or pain management methods to make running bearable, it’s time to stop the frustration and setbacks and make running for health your priority.

You’re ready for this course if you’re fed up with how your running has been going and want to experience more sustainable, pain-free and enjoyable running for decades to come.


Does the course include a training plan?

I just want to run; how much time does this work require? The amount of time you spend reading and listening to the materials included with this course and filling out the training log take no more than 20 minutes per week.

The coaching calls are held twice a month and last one hour.
The real practice happens out on the trail or road, when you begin putting the mindfulness techniques to work.
I haven’t been running at all and want to get started again. Will this program help me?

 Yes. You don’t need to have a certain level of fitness or running ability to follow this program. All that’s required is a willingness to try new things and take the time to approach your running with a new mindset.


I'm trying to decide between this program at the Master Mindful Running Program. Which one is best?


If your goal is to overcome substantial obstacles to your running, like injury, burnout, adrenal fatigue or pain when running, then this program is the best option. During our live coaching calls, I can help you uncover why you’re experiencing these challenges and specifically what steps and training changes you should take to overcome them.
The Mindful Running Training System is a self-study course that allows you to learn the principles of mindful running and put them into practice on your own.


It's a big investment; will I get good value?


The investment you make in this course can save you from losing money on fees paid to races you’re unable to run due to injury or lack of time to train properly. Once you re-learn how to tune in to your internal coach, you can save yourself hours of unproductive training, physiotherapy sessions and other injury treatments.


Does the course include a training plan?

 No. The Revive Your Running program includes a 16-week training log in which you can record your workouts, but it doesn’t include training plans. If you already have a training plan you’re following, this program will compliment it beautifully. Without having to modify your current training plan, you can begin to implement the practices outlined in this course. Chances are you’ll gain more benefits and see better results from that plan than as a result of applying the training principles you learn in this program.


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