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July 10 - 16, 2017

Under the guidance of champion trail runner Krissy Moehl and professional guides, you’ll explore the
Swiss Alps’ premier running trails. You’ll experience the best trail running available in the Bernese Oberland
region, where snow-capped peaks–notably the Eiger and Jungfrau–greet you on a daily basis.

As one of the most accomplished long-distance trail runners in the world, whose competitive career plans 15 years
and six continents, Krissy will share with you her secrets for mastering mountain trails, becoming a strong, durable
runner and uncovering your true potential.

In this non-competitive, supportive environment, you can test your fitness while exploring the Swiss Alps in the
company of a small group of women who are passionate about running, travel and adventure as much as you are.

P R E S E N T E D  B Y:

Hone your trail running skills and fitness in the Swiss Alps

In the months prior to the retreat, Krissy will provide you with a training plan and valuable coaching advice.

During the retreat, Krissy leads trail running clinics and wellness workshops, during which you’ll learn from
her experience as a highly successful athlete and coach about how to run better while being healthy.
These workshops are casual and interactive, designed to serve your specific needs and areas of interest.

“We are all there to learn from each other, which is great because everyone has amazing life experiences
to share, which is why I like to create an inclusive and collaborative environment so that everyone gets the
most out of our week together,” says Krissy.

Workshop Topics:

Master the Mountains

Krissy shares her legendary ascending and descending skills to help you run stronger and farther. Discover her secrets for handling the steeps with good form and how to condition your fitness for the trails and mountains.

How to Plan Your Training

Whether you’re training for a trail race, ultramarathon or run for fun, here’s how to structure your running and recovery for the best possible outcomes without burning out. Krissy gets it: you can’t think about training all the time, but you can balance running with everything else you have going on. Krissy provides you with specific training plans to get started.

Prevent Running Injuries + Burnout

Krissy’s durability and running-injury avoidance is legendary.  She’ll lead you through her daily core-strengthening routine and key exercises that will help you run injury free, too. She’ll share her tips for good foot care, recovery and staying healthy.

Stay Safe on the Trails

Overcome fear by being prepared. Krissy will share what she’s learned from running and racing all over the world. From gear to planning your trail runs, Krissy has your back. Learn from the sport’s most successful and experienced trail runners about staying safe on the trails.

Swiss Alps Trail Running Retreat Itinerary

July 2018

Day 1   |   Grindelwald

Using your first class Swiss Rail Pass, included with your package, travel in luxury from the Zurich airport to the alpine village of Grindelwald outside Interlaken. Grindelwald is nestled in a wide valley at the base of the massive Eiger North Face, surrounded by meadows, ridges and high mountains. At 3 p.m., Krissy will lead the official Retreat Opening meeting, during which you’ll meet your guides and fellow retreaters. Come dressed to run, as immediately following the meeting, we’ll head out for a five-mile run along quiet farm roads and narrow singletrack. After a short ascent, cross the lower Grindelwald Gorge on a spectacular trail and then run along the valley floor back to town.
Run: 5 miles, 850 ft elevation up and down
Accommodation: Hotel Gletschergarten, Grindelwald

Day 2   |   Schynige Platte Ridge Run

After breakfast at the hotel, we set out to enjoy our first full day in Grindelwald, running one of the Alps’ classic ridge trails Schynige Platte. Today’s 10-mile run weaves through meadows and some boulders high above treeline, with spectacular views of the famous Jungfrau region mountains. Finish at the First gondola, which whisks us back to Grindelwald. Enjoy some free time to freshen up before a later afternoon Wellness Workshop with Krissy before dinner.
Run: 10 miles, 3000 ft up, 2700 ft down
Accommodation: Hotel Gletschergarten, Grindelwald

Day 3   |  Kleine Scheidegg Pass

After breakfast at the hotel, pack your bags and check out of your rooms, then Krissy will take you through her favorite core strengthening routine. Load your luggage for transport to the the next hotel, then head to the gondola for a short ride that allows us to bypass the paved roads in Grindelwald to reach narrow singletrack. Once on the trails, we run directly towards the Eiger’s impressive cliffs. A moderate uphill through forest and meadow steepens as we approach the Kleine Scheidegg Pass. From here, an easy downhill leads to the quiet mountain inn of Alpiglen, perched high on the slopes below the Eiger looking down at the Grindelwald valley below. Check into your rooms and enjoy some free time to relax and freshen up before a Wellness Workshop with Krissy.
Run: 8 miles 2000 feet up, 2000 feet down
Accommodation: Berghaus Alpiglen

Day 4  |   Eiger Trail to Wengen

After breakfast, pack your luggage and load it for transport to the next hotel. Krissy takes you through some core and leg-conditioning exercises to prepare you for today’s run, involving a lot of descending. Departing directly from Alpiglen, we’ll run along an exciting high mountain trail, the Eiger trail, skirting the very base of the mountain. A steep initial climbs eases as you approach the high point at Eigergletscher.  Then a long downhill brings you down the opposite side of the ridge to the town of Wengen.  From here, catch a train to a cable car to the car-free village of Murren, where we’re staying tonight.
Run: 10 miles, 2300 ft up, 3600 ft down
Accommodation: Hotel Edelweiss, Murren

Day 5  |  Murren Meadow Run

Murren is exactly what you hope the Alps will look like, a tiny village surrounded by flower-covered meadows, sparkling waterfalls, peacefully grazing cows and incredible mountains. After breakfast, get another killer core workout with Krissy to prepare you for a scenic meadow run around Murren. Our run will traverse the meadows above town on an up-and-down route crossing a number of small ridges.  Starting with an easy flat run to Winteregg, the trail then climbs to farms at Oberberg, Allmendhubel and Schiltalp, with the spectacular Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau mountains keeping company the whole way. After some free time to freshen up, enjoy another Wellness Workshop with Krissy before dinner.
Run: 11 miles, 1300 ft up, 1300 ft down
Accommodation: Hotel Edelweiss

Day 3 Vik black sand beach

Day 6   |   Lauterbrunnen Valley

For a grand finale we’ll run into the wild upper end of the Lauterbrunnen Valley, a nature preserve brimming with waterfalls and beautiful vistas. After breakfast, Krissy leads a final running clinic and warm-up exercises before we take a short cable car ride to the valley floor. From here, we run through the U-shaped Lauterbrunnen valley, home to numerous thundering waterfalls, stopping along the way at the charming Obersteinberg Inn before returning on a loop trail. Upon our return to Murren, enjoy some free time to freshen up before the Official Retreat Closing meeting and our final dinner all together.
Run: 8 miles, 3000 feet up, 3000 feet down
Accommodations: Hotel Edelweiss

Day 7   |   Farewells + Travel Day

After breakfast, you may take part in an optional group run (not guided) to shake out the muscles before you travel home. At your leisure, use the First Class Swiss Rail Pass included in your retreat package to travel back to the Zurich Airport or where ever your travels take you.

What to Expect

• Daily non-competitive group trail runs (5 – 11 miles) with Swiss guides
• Krissy’s favorite core workouts and running techniques
• Interactive, educational workshops with Krissy
• Small group setting (10 – 12 women)
• Charming Swiss Inns in mountain valleys
• Nourishing, traditional Swiss meals
• Amazing mountain views at every turn
• A supportive atmosphere, encouragement and camaraderie

About Your Retreat Leader, Krissy Moehl

Krissy Moehl is an ultramarathon runner, coach, author, motivational speaker and race director whose positive outlook and encouraging attitude is an inspiration to runners around the world. In her 16-year career, she has run more than 100 races, including 55 female wins and two outright wins.

In 2015, she published her first, book “Running Your First Ultra”, which encapsulates her extensive experience in trail running and racing from 50K to 50 miles to 100 miles. Her experience translates into the most effective and easy-to-follow training method, broken down into phases to help all runners take it to the next level and accomplish their goals. She shares her love of the sport by providing helpful tips, bonus content and personal stories.

Her commitment to growing the sport and passion for coaching others running their first is evident in the care she’s taken to create detailed plans and lifestyle adjustments. “I love movement and participate in many other activities, but I identify primarily as a trail runner. I love what the sport continues to teach me, the people it introduces me to, and the opportunities it provides; coaching this retreat is one of them! I have traveled the world using the lens of running as my way to explore–my passport is my most prized possession–and lived many of life’s highs and lows through experiences on trail,” says Krissy.

Learn more about Krissy at:

About Running in Switzerland


The Bernese Oberland is one of Switzerland’s most diverse regions, with stunningly dramatic mountains and deep,
glacier-carved valleys. Its climate is relatively cool and moist, making for a lush, green landscape that is home to
numerous waterfalls and flower-filled meadows.


Our retreat begins in the down of Grindelwald, elevation 3,392 feet in elevation, known for its winter ski terrain and views
of the Eiger, a famous climbing peak in the Swiss Alps. Our trail runs often take us higher in elevation, up to and above
7,000 feet in elevation.

July is the warmest month of the year here, with daytime temperatures usually between 50 and 70 degrees.
However, since we’re in the mountains, weather can change rapidly, so we’ll want to have light rain jackets with us in
case of some precipitation.


Switzerland was historically a country of farmers, so traditional Swiss dishes tend to be plain and made from simple
ingredients, such as potatoes, cheese, chocolate and rich sauces. For breakfast and dinner many Swiss enjoy sliced bread
with butter and jam. Swiss cheeses, in particular Emmental cheese, Gruyère, Vacherin, and Appenzeller, are used in popular
cheese dishes such as fondue and raclette.


Switzerland has four national languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh, though you’ll find that as a long-time
international tourism destination, many people speak English. Travelers have no problems communicating with shopkeepers
and hotel proprietors. Our Swiss guides are fluent in English.

Your 7-Day, 6-Night Retreat Includes:

July 2018


• Six nights’ accommodation in three-star hotels and alpine inns (double occupancy rooms)
• Daily breakfasts, lunches and dinners
• Daily trail runs with professional guides
• First-class Swiss Transfer Ticket (for the train to and from the airport)
• Women’s Trail Running + Wellness Workshops with Krissy
• Running Form Clinics with Krissy
• Daily Core Strengthening Workouts with Krissy
• Trail snacks/energy food and drinks
• Cable cars and gondolas within Bernese Oberland
• Copy of Krissy’s Book “Run Your First Ultra”
• Gift bag including gifts from Run Wild Retreats, Patagonia, and Pro-Tec and a pair of Vasque trail running shoes
(yes, really! a pair of new trail running shoes delivered to you before the retreat!)

Click here to view our booking terms and conditions.


krissy-book-mockup **Receive a complimentary copy of Krissy’s book “Run Your First Ultra”, which includes week-by-week workouts and daily motivational and technique tips, mailed to you before the retreat begins.
Vasque Constant Velocity women's trail running shoe **Receive a pair of Vasque women’s Constant Velocity trail running shoes, delivered to your home before the retreat begins.
320x320_moehl **Receive a complimentary 8-week training plan with personalized coaching advice and gear list from Krissy to help you prepare for your Swiss Alps trail running adventure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is trail running experience necessary?
This retreat is best suited to runners with trail running experience, who are in good health and can run at least 13 miles on the road. These runs take place at a relaxed pace, with plenty of stops to soak up the view, take photos, eat and drink from your hydration pack. Our professional Swiss Guides are there to ensure your safety and comfort as you move through this mountainous terrain. Expect steep uphills and downhills each day of running. You may choose to skip runs if you feel the need, though run distances cannot be shortened in most cases.
What restrictions or recommendations do you make about luggage?

Once you arrive in Switzerland, you will be traveling on trains and trams, so having luggage that you can handle easily is very important. You will be carrying your luggage between the train stations and hotels, and hotels and gondolas. Therefore, we recommend one large, sturdy roller bag plus a carry-on-size (or smaller) backpack that can double as a purse.

We will send you a complete packing list for the retreat in April once your booking is finalized, but everything you need for the retreat should fit within the recommended one large roller bag and backpack.

What are the accommodations like?

The retreat package included double occupancy rooms (two beds) in 3-star, family-run Swiss inns. All of the hotels include private bathrooms, free wifi, on-site restaurants and other amenities.

Over 115 years old, the traditional, family-run Hotel Gletschergarten in Grindelwald offers you panoramic mountain views, free WiFi, a lounge with fireplace and much more.

The Berghaus Alpiglen is a special treat, as it can only be reached on foot and is located directly under the legendary Eiger North Face and is surrounded by lush green alpine meadows. The rooms have a cozy, mountain-house feel, come with fluffy duvet covers and a shared bathroom. 

The family-run 3-star superior Hotel Edelweiss in car-free Mürren opened in 1927 and has a scenic location on the edge of the Mürrenfluh rock face, offering panoramic views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains and over the Lauterbrunnen valley. Various shops as well as the Mürren Train Station are just a 3-minute walk away. Free WiFi is available throughout the property.

What are the meals like?

We will dine in high quality restaurants at our hotels in the surrounding villages that offer traditional Swiss meals. We do our best to accommodate participants with special dietary needs, though not all options can be guaranteed. In most cases, we can arrange special meals for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free and those with nut or shellfish allergies. You will have the opportunity to tell us about your special dietary requirements when you complete the Retreat Participant Intake Form.

How should I plan my travel?

We recommend flying into the Zurich Airport (also known as the Kloten Airport, airport code ZRH), the largest international airport in Switzerland on or before July 10, 2017. If you land on July 10, choose a flight that arrives in the morning so that you have enough time for the train ride from Zurich (board at the airport) to Interlaken (including a transfer in Bern), then transferring again to a connecting train to Grindewald. Allow at least a 3.5 hours for the train ride (using your First Class Swiss Transfer Ticket included in your retreat package) to make sure you arrive before 3:00 p.m. local time, which is when our retreat program begins. (See the full train schedule here).

Book your return flight on or after the late afternoon of July 16, 2017 from the Zurich airport. You will take the train from Murren to Interlaken, then transfer to the train line that goes from Interlaken to the Zurich Airport using the First Class Swiss Transfer Ticket (rail pass) included in your retreat package. It takes about 3.5 hours to get from Murren to the Zurich airport. You will want to arrive and check in for your flight at least three hours before departure.

Note: Your Swiss Transfer Ticket to and from the Zurich Airport is valid for 30 days from your day of arrival, so you may extend your stay in Switzerland after the retreat is finished and keep exploring on your own.

Learn more about the Swiss Transfer Ticket.

What is the cancellation policy?

~ Early booking deposits are refundable less a $500 cancellation fee if done so more than 90 days before the retreat start date.
~ The balance is due on all booking by April 1, 2017
~ After April 1, full payment is required to secure your booking.
~ After April 1, there are no refunds (though you may transfer your booking to another person).

To learn more about our booking policies, click here. 

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