Why Choose Run Wild Retreats?

Run Wild Retreats + Wellness offers small-group retreats that support you in learning how to better manage stress through running. That’s what our tagline “Stress Less, Run More” is all about! Mindful running allows you to build a foundation of health upon which to build fitness. Understanding how stress may be affecting you is key to maximizing running’s stress-reducing effects. This allows you to avoid common runners’ pitfalls of overtraining, low motivation or injury.

The healthy running techniques you learn at the retreat help you cultivate deeper self-compassion, confidence, you come away from your experience with a renewed motivation and passion for running as well as timeless tools for making your well-being and self-care a top priority (without the guilt!). Since these techniques are best learned through experience, our comprehensive packages are designed specifically with mindfulness and transformation in mind. 

We include the specific elements you need to have wonderful retreat and leave out anything that doesn’t support that mission. Here’s an overview of what makes our retreat experiences so unique. To learn more about what’s included in a retreat package, click here. 

Expert Retreat Leaders

Our highly trained retreat leaders do a lot more than merely escort your trip.  They receive extensive training in group leadership, mindful running, workshop facilitation and tour logistics. Your retreat leader, who is with you every day of the retreat, is your main source of support, guidance and leadership for whatever you need to have the best possible retreat experience.
A retreat is your opportunity to not only learn something new–like mindful running–and let go of having to be in control or responsible for everyone else. This is your chance to relax and focus on your needs and doing what makes you happy. Our retreat leaders are experts in supporting not only the group as a whole, but in recognizing the needs of each individual within the group and the process she going through at her own pace and her own terms. Click here to learn more about our team.

Great Food

Eating well is key to feeling good, especially when you’re running consecutive days in a row, which is why we hand-select top restaurants for most of our retreat meals. Breakfasts are typically extensive buffets served at your hotel, while lunches are either in casual restaurants or a catered picnic lunch we enjoy outside (when the weather is nice). Dinners are often multi-course gourmet affairs that reflect the region’s traditions. We believe that you can learn a lot about a culture through its food and have chosen dining locations that reflect that heritage.
We make a point of frequenting restaurants that are consistently high quality and known for their superior service, especially to groups like ours. Have special dietary considerations? No problem! You can indicate your special dietary needs to us when you book your retreat and we’ll plan ahead to satisfy those requirements.

Professional Running Guides

Our retreats are organized to the highest standard in partnership with locally based guides in each destination. Our fully certified and permitted, licensed guides are highly trained in wilderness safety and always have your well being top-of-mind. They are passionate trail runners who embody the local culture and share their knowledge and excitement with you throughout every run, regaling you with stories about the region’s history, nature and traditions. You can count on feeling supported and safe at all times thanks to their professionalism on and off the trail.
Click here to learn more about the retreats by running level.

High-Quality Accommodations

There’s no roughing it on our retreats! Your comfort is key to a rewarding retreat experience, so we have hand-selected hotels and resorts that offer superior rooms that accommodate one or two people. If you’re traveling solo, no problem–we can pair you with another person in a shared room with two beds. We select the hotels (typically 3- to 4-star properties), not only for their amenities, but also for their convenient location to the fantastic trails we plan to run.
Whenever possible, we select family run hotels or boutique properties that capture local character and heritage.

Mindful Retreat Design

Regardless of where they take place, all of our retreats are meticulously designed and founded on the potentially transformative power of running mindfully. Our retreat travel specialists thoughtfully plan out each day in order to maximize the run’s scenic rewards while minimizing the time we spend in transit or traveling from place to place. We know you’d rather than spend your down time relaxing in a spa or browsing charming shops in the village, so we make the best use of your day in order to optimize your  retreat experience. And since we make a point to refine the retreat itineraries over time, our longest-running retreats are dialed and extremely well designed. Click here to see all that’s included in your retreat package.


Wellness Experiences

Each itinerary offers a different type of wellness experience chosen specifically to support your recovery and stress-reduction during the retreat. Examples include free time to lounge in saunas, steam baths,  hot tubs or outdoor infinity pools. It may include an aromatherapy massage or a soak in nourishing, mineral-rich geothermal hot springs. In other cases, it may be a private recovery yoga class designed for runners or lounging in an infrared sauna.
All the retreats include sharing circles, led by your retreat leader, which serve as your opportunity to reflect mindfully on the day’s run and what that experience meant to you in some large or small way. Those moments are the key lessons and insights you can take home from this experience–along with your photos!–and continue to practice long after the retreat has ended.


Ultimately, what you take away from your retreat experience depends on your mindset. To help you get the most from your time traveling with us, we help you start to cultivate an open and curious outlook through a series of pre-retreat communications month before the retreat begins. This includes writing prompts After the retreat, we follow up with you and offer ways to further integrate your mindful travel experience and maintain the new healthy running habits you learned during the retreat.


Mindful Running Instruction

During the group runs, we’ll stop periodically to practice the principles of natural running form and put into practice the simple gait tweaks that make running feel easier, more comfortable and efficient. These postural changes are the first step toward running more mindfully and makes running on trails easy and fun. When you encounter a trail section that challenges you, you can draw from the mindful running lessons to meet that challenge in a way that is productive, making it a positive experience that supports your growth and builds confidence. You’ll also have the opportunity to become more aware of your body and how stress affects the way you run and conduct yourself throughout the day. Click here to learn more about mindful running. 

What is the Run Wild Retreat Experience Like?

Here's what past participants say:
“I met the most incredible, intelligent, interesting women on the retreat. All of us had different running goals and different running experiences, but we were all just one group of adults with the shared objective of having a great experience together. On the logistics side of things, I was concerned about going on a ‘scheduled’ vacation. But it didn’t feel scheduled at all. Everything was so well planned and coordinated, one experience just rolled into the next and I didn’t have to think about anything except having fun. I actually didn’t even realize anything was scheduled or coordinated, it just felt so organic, relaxed and fun!”
Amanda S.

“A little over a year ago I signed up for the Moab Mindful Running Retreat. As the weekend approached I found myself feeling increasingly more nervous, unprepared, but also excited for the opportunities the retreat presented. There were 16 women that attended; all so incredibly strong, ambitious, courageous, intelligent, supportive and brave. Despite all of us having the love for running in common, in these women I found family and the most beautiful support network.
Each day we start off with a run, a trail run to be specific. The length of the runs varied from 5 to 9 miles. The remainder of the day we would enjoy clinics together, meals, yoga and down time. Everyone ran their own run, not keeping track of time or distance. I am new to trail running but LOVE it now. I’m excited to see how this new love changes the story to my runs, the new sites I will see, the challenges it will present and inevitably growth I will make.”

Griselda P.

“I came to the retreat because I wanted to learn to run with enjoyment and excitement. I wanted to find the hope, peace and faith that I desperately need not only to run but to carry over in everyday life. One key lesson I learned from the retreat was to give myself grace when I’m not feeling the day or the run. Setting an intention helps me with that. The intention doesn’t have to be extreme, and it helps me carry over the the mindful state of running into my everyday life. The Ireland Trail Running + Wellness Retreat gave me hope for living and to be in the moment and more accepting of what is and how to move forward through difficult times–literally and metaphorically.”

Belinda E.

“I came to the Moab Mindful Running Retreat because I wanted to feel comfortable with running in a way that doesn’t contribute to stress, but helps me release it. That manifests itself in many ways–the physical rhythm of breath and motion, the mental capacity to endure longer runs by quieting the negative thoughts. Spiritually, I wanted to feel that ‘runner’s high’ everyone describes, but I don’t seem to get to.  At the retreat, I learned that running for longer periods of time is possible when I give myself time to relax into it without the pressure of goals.
This retreat was so valuable in building my confidence around running as a way to feel better physically and mentally.”

Lauren D.

“THANK YOU for an unforgettable running experience!! It really did exceed my expectations. Everything you and your company stands for I agree with wholeheartedly I was looking for mindfulness combined with running and that’s exactly what I got! I was looking to meet new people, explore a new place, and learn more about efficient running technique – and that’s what I got!”

Charlotte G.

“Iceland has a piece of my heart! This retreat with Run Wild Retreats + Wellness has been nothing but spectacular. Well worth the money and time. Not only will you experience the beauty of a completely different landscape, eat local gourmet food, and run miles and miles, you will also make lasting friendships with some amazing women around the world. Thank you Elinor for an unforgettable week!”


“This retreat taught me to be more compassionate with myself! I actually had to practice that within several days after the retreat and looked back on the retreat to help me do that. Also, focusing on my breathing, which not only helped my running physically, it helped me be mindful of my body, breath and focus. I loved everything about this retreat! It was challenging, well planned, beautiful, and wonderful people and fun. I would absolutely recommend any and all of the retreats to people who love running and/or struggle with the daily stress of fitting running into their lives.”

Julie U.

“I didn’t quite realize how pampered I would be on this retreat. Everything was taken care of; we could just relax and take it all in. Staying in the wellness hotels and eating amazing food (5 courses every dinner!) was wonderful. It’s not very often that I feel pampered in that way. I also really enjoyed our group meetings- debriefing at the end of a run or preparing for a run the next day. I enjoyed the time that we reflected on our day, but I also appreciated the running advice, writing intentions, and running techniques demonstrated in the moment. And of course I enjoyed the camaraderie with the other runners — getting to know people from around the country, laughing hysterically over silly stories at dinner, encouraging one another through hardships, and sharing the experience with others.”

Kristin S