When you’re ready to travel again, Run Wild Retreats + Wellness is here for you. Our Colorado-based team has been working in concert with our international guide network and key suppliers in all the destinations in which we travel to adapt the running and wellness retreat experience. While runners’ safety and well being has always been our top priority, as we considered the new realities of travel in a Covid-19 world, we asked ourselves what more we could do support you.  While some of the things listed below are new, much of what is described here is not. It just so happens that much of what has always made Run Wild Retreats so amazing aligns perfectly with what many travel industry experts agree is the next evolution of travel. We’ve always been about supporting you as a whole person–not just a runner.

ATTA Covid health and safety GuidelinesAs always, your health and safety is a shared responsibility; one that we take very seriously. We have adapted the retreat experience to incorporate adventure-travel industry leading Covid-19 Health and Safety standards as laid out by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (of which Run Wild Retreats is a member tour operator) and the Cleveland Clinic.

In terms of what we’re doing to protect you during a retreat, here’s what you can expect from Run Wild Retreats + Wellness:


We specialize in small group experiences that take you away from the crowded, often deep into nature places where you can enjoy fresh air and beautiful landscapes. Every day of the retreat is centered around that days’ run, followed by restorative recovery activities, which vary depending on the destination, but usually include spa, yoga or geothermal hot springs. During our group meetings, we will space out the seating as much as possible to observe physical distancing guidelines. Participants are encouraged to observe physical distancing whenever possible.   


By design, most of our group time is spent outside in nature, which is the very best place for us to be! For the most part, our itineraries avoid city metro areas, tourist-choked attractions and never take you to enclosed, crowded indoor spaces. You can relax into the joy of simply spending the most of every day outside on the trails. Plus, we mostly stay at remote lodges or resorts that are close to nature and away from downtown zones.

During our runs, we will be spaced out on the trail into various pace groups, and avoid running close together so that physical distancing guidelines can be observed as much as possible.


We are phasing out our vaccine requirement for some domestic retreat. At the moment, proof of vaccination is required for most retreats, except for the following, for which a negative PCR or rapid antigen COVID test (self-administered tests must include a telehealth component) taken 72 hours before the retreat begins is acceptable in 2022:  Telluride Trail Running + Wellness Retreat, Vermont Trail Running + Wellness Retreat, Moab Mindful Running Retreat (October 30) and Sonoran Desert Trail Running + Wellness Retreat (Nov 20 – 23). 

 If you have a medical condition exempting you from getting vaccinated, please contact us. See here for CDC vaccine guidance.

If you were recently diagnosed and recovered from Covid-19, please refer to these guidelines from the CDC to identify whether it’s safe for you to travel: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/your-health/quarantine-isolation.html#

For 2023 retreats, either proof of vaccination or a a negative PCR or rapid antigen COVID test (self-administered tests must include a telehealth component) taken 72 hours before the retreat beings is accepted, UNLESS the country requires that visitors be vaccinated.

We also require all participants to fill out an online Health Declaration Form within 3 days of the retreat’s start certifying they do not have any symptoms of Covid-19 and have not been in contact with anyone they know is infected. (View an example form here). We cannot permit a person who has very recently tested positive for Covid-19 or been experiencing Covid-like symptoms on the retreat. In the event that a person in our group starts to experience symptoms during the retreat, she will be immediately quarantined from the rest of the group. We will have rapid Covid-19 Antigen tests available on site for an additional fee, which will help determine the next course of action/treatment for the person affected.


Our retreat leaders, who are employees of Run Wild Retreats, are fully vaccinated and screened for any symptoms of Covid prior to the retreat’s start. If our employee tests positive or is showing symptoms of infection, she will be pulled from the retreat and replaced with another retreat leader. While we are unable to extend this policy to outside contractors, such as guides and drivers, we work with highly reputable companies that operate in compliance with their state, county and local Covid mandates and exhibit great care for their valued guests.


If, during the retreat, you start to display symptoms that may be Covid, you may purchase a rapid antigen test. 


Whenever possible, we design our itineraries to avoid spending too much time in a van or motorcoach, though it is necessary to travel between destinations and to/from trailheads. Our transportation partners will limit the capacity of each vehicle if required by local, county, state and industry guidelines. At our domestic retreats, you may choose to drive your own vehicle (or a rental car) if you would rather not use any of the group transportation. Our transportation partners also sanitize the vehicles before use by our group as per their operating requirements.  


You may choose a double-occupancy room or upgrade to a single-occupancy room (when available). We will communicate with our hotels and restaurants to ensure they are following updated recommendations for maintaining safety as per the local, county and state guidelines. This means that not all properties will be adhering to the same set of guidelines. You may opt out of receiving certain services, too, such as housekeeping during your stay. We will increase the number of meals we eat outside of restaurants by doing picnics, patio seating, or requesting private dining rooms for our group, when available.

As we move through the various stages of this pandemic crisis, we will continue to adapt our methods and policies to suit the realities of the world in which we’re all navigating. While the future of not only travel, but all aspects of society continue to change in response to this global crisis, know that we will continue to serve you in the safest, most responsible manner possible.


If the retreat doesn’t proceed as scheduled in 2022, we will automatically transfer your payment(s) to the retreat’s alternate dates as posted on the retreat’s information page on this website. If you are unable to attend the alternate retreat dates, you may transfer to a different retreat altogether, keep your payment on file as credit (that never expires). We will make the decision whether or not to proceed with a retreat by the “Balance Due Date” as marked on the retreat’s registration page. Click here to read more about our Covid cancellation policies.


We highly recommend travel insurance (including cancellation coverage) for all retreat bookings. You are required to provide proof of coverage for all international retreats (including medical, evacuation, trip interruption and cancellation). Travel is more disrupted than ever, and we want you to have the best possible travel experience despite these uncertainties. Travel insurance from a trusted, reliable carrier, such as our partner, Travel Guard, can give you the peace of mind you deserve in these challenging times. Since your retreat package is non-refundable after a certain point (see below), we strongly encourage you to include the full cost of your booking in your policy.

cool Pro tip: don’t wait until just before departure to buy your policy: do it immediately after booking your retreat for the best coverage options. Click here for a no-obligation quote.