Slow tempo and distinctly cultural wellness and running retreats

You love to run, but that's not the only thing you want to do while on vacation. What sparks your curiosity? When traveling to a new place, you want to try new and different activities that truly help you connect to that place, give you a clear sense of the environment, culture and heritage. Our collection of Mindful Movement retreats combines mellow running on a variety of surfaces with other not-to-miss experiences particular to the destination.

Want to see Pacific Gray whales and Orcas in Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia? Want to learn about ancient agricultural techniques used by the Incas in Peru? Want to take a cooking class from a professional chef in Vermont? Want to learn meditation with Buddhist monks in an ancient temple in Bhutan?

These are just a few of the experiences we have in store for you on one of our Mindful Movement retreats that will help you slow down, connect with the moment and this place.

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