Running is more than a workout; it’s a vital part of your daily routine for taking care of your body, feeling good and managing stress.

Yet, running for health isn't as easy as following a training plan. There are setbacks, challenges, disappointments and things that get in the way.

Running healthy isn't just another goal your list of running achievements.
Rather, it's an ongoing process that involves your constant awareness, self-care, compassion and good habits.

You don't have to go this journey alone.
This is why we created the Healthy Runners' Community.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been running or how fast you run.

You belong here as long as you’re curious about all the ways in which running and self-care make you a better, happier, healthier person inside and out.

Wellness is not a goal, but the process.

We believe that it’s a daily practice in which we all engage. It looks different for every runner and is the precursor to fitness. The conversations in this community explore the ways in which we build our foundation of health so that we can thrive as runners.

It's easier to stick with healthy habits when you share the journey.

The Healthy Runners’ Community is a safe space for runners of all experience levels to share their challenges and frustrations. This community is also a place for you to share your successes, whether big or small, related to running or incremental improvement in an ongoing health challenge.

You're not alone in your search for an easier way to be fit and healthy.

More than an online community, we offer meaningful connections with other runners and your self through our running and wellness retreats in the U.S. and overseas.