More than ever, you rely on running to stay healthy and happy.

But is stress sapping your motivation and energy?

😟 It’s extra hard to motivate when your stress is peaking, your mind is racing with things to do and worries crowd your mind.


🚫 You don’t need more discipline or a better training plan.


🏃‍♀️ You don’t need more pressure to build fitness when every day already feels like a marathon.


🌞 You deserve to put your self care and recovery first. 

This is why we created the Healthy Runners’ Community.

Hosted by Run Wild Retreats’ expert retreat leaders, this free online community is for runners who want to run mindfully to better manage stress, exhaustion, burnout and other obstacles.

💡 Find Weekly Motivation to Practice Mindful Running
How will you show up this week? Practice a new mindful running principle.

🛀 Wellness Wednesdays Focus on Rest and Recovery
Self care is crucial to your progress and sustainability as a runner.

🌟 Celebrate Wins and What You Did Well This Week.
We celebrate you for showing up to practice, not perfection.

Join the Healthy Runners' Community

Engage with Real Runners Like You

Have discussions that matter. We believe that vulnerability is the route to authentic connection and “a-ha” moments. We created the Healthy Runners’ Community as a safe space to have deep, nuanced conversations.


Exchange Support and Insights

Meet new running friends from all around the world who “get it”, and find purpose by helping others who are working on the same things you are. You drive the conversations rather than read more “content” that may or may not apply to your specific situation.

Private and Carefully Managed

This is a judgement-free zone. You won’t find yourself exposed to drama seekers. Plus, none of your information can be shared outside of the community, so you can express yourself openly, without the fear of your posts being shared.