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We’ll design a unique running and wellness retreat for your group of at least 6 or more people

At Run Wild Retreats + Wellness, our specialty is in designing unique and unforgettable travel experiences in some of the world’s best trail running destinations. We’ll tap into our extensive network of industry suppliers and professional running guides to design a running retreat that meets your group’s specific needs and interests.

Ideal Accommodations

Depending on the size of your group and the kinds of amenities you require, we will use our extensive destination expertise to find the best possible accommodations for your group.

Restorative Activities / Relaxation

Balance each day’s physical adventures with time for rest and relaxation. Whether it’s a spa, geothermal hot springs, yoga class or quiet time, we’ll make sure it’s in your itinerary.

Stellar Trail Running

The cornerstone of each itinerary we design is of course, the trail running. We’ll provide you with either a private guide or the information you need to enjoy fantastic trail running every day of your trip. 


STEP 1: Fill out this form

Complete the form below to the best of your ability based on the needs and interests of your group.


STEP 2: Consult with a Retreat Travel Specialist

Our retreat travel specialists will review your answers to the intake form and then contact you to discuss your groups’ needs in more detail.

STEP 3: We design your retreat experience

Our retreat travel specialists will design a custom itinerary running and wellness retreat program for your group that aligns with your needs, budget and interests.

Custom Retreat Design Request Form

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