Frequently Asked


Frequently Asked


What is the average pace of the runs at these retreats?

Since our retreats take place on trails of varying types, we can characterize the runs by a specific pace-per-mile.

In general, we approach all the retreat runs with a very relaxed, social pace. We stop frequently to eat and drink and take photos (there are always lots of photo ops on our runs!). And depending on the terrain, there is times where we hike rather than run. Within every group there’s always a wide range in running pace, which is why we always have two or three guides with us.

One is at the front the group, one at the back and one floating around between the various pace groups. This way, everyone gets to go at their own pace and not feel rushed. Learn more about the retreat levels we offer here. 

Is it OK if I come alone? Would I have to pay a "single supplement?"

YES you can come alone, and NO, it won’t cost you more! 

The majority of our retreat participants come on their own. And while many travel companies require single travelers to pay a supplemental fee when there’s an odd number of travelers in a group, we do not. We absorb this cost so you don’t have to pay more simply because you’re traveling solo. 

You may book a Shared Room retreat package, in which case we’ll match you with a roommate. All shared rooms have separate beds, one for each person (of course!). 

On many trips, we offer Private Single Room options as well. While it does cost more to have a private room, you may select this option to be sure you have a room to yourself. 

Do you have any special offers or discounts?

We periodically run promotions that include a coupon code you can use at time of booking to save a certain amount on your retreat package. The best way to find out about these promotions is to follow us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter. 

Click here to read the Terms and Conditions associated with these promotions.

What is the group size on your trips?

We keep the group size as small as possible, usually between 8 to 16 women, depending on the destination. Please check individual retreat-specific information pages for the maximum group size.

Can I use my Garmin, phone or other GPS device to record the runs?

This retreat is a special opportunity to be present in a way that is hard to find in your regular routine. That’s why it’s call a retreat!

By participating in this retreat, you are embarking on a journey of inner exploration as much as one of external exploration. You are embarking on a journey to a beautiful new destination, one that offers scenery and cultural experiences you can savor and enjoy. The inner exploration has to do with creating space to observe the feelings that arise throughout the retreat, noticing them and savoring them.

With that in mind, we have introduced a Presence Policy that is designed to enhance your retreat experience so that you get the most from it. This policy asks that you:

  •  When on the trails, keep your phone in Airplane Mode. This way, you can use as much as you like to take photos (which we strongly encourage!), but aren’t distracted by incoming messages or phone calls.
  • Turn off all audible sounds from your watch or GPS devices. If you have an electronic device that is making sounds, your retreat leader will ask you turn it off.
  • Even better: leave your watch behind! There’s no need to log, map, measure or time your runs while on the retreat. You will have a richer retreat experience if you forego all forms of measurement and focus on the purpose of each day’s run: to practice mindful presence.
  • Turn off your phone (or leave it in your hotel room) during the meetings, sharing circles and during group meals. There is plenty of time in the day, while traveling from place to place or free time, during which you can catch up with friends and family, post photos to social media, etc. We simply ask that you don’t do this during group time.
  • Learn more about the Presence Policy here.

How is a retreat different from a running camp?

Running camps generally focus on workouts and coaching for building fitness and improving run performance. At Run Wild Retreats + Wellness, our focus is on building the foundation of health you need before you can safely and sustainably build fitness.

That’s why our retreats are truly a retreat from your everyday routine and offer you a mental and physical break. That space allows you to slow down, tune in and rediscover what your body and heart are craving right now. Our retreats are enriching immersions that blend running, travel, adventure, education and community.

Do you have any retreats for non-runners?

Yes! We now offer "wellness week" retreats that include all the wonderful group travel experiences, activities and wellness you would expect from Run Wild Retreats, but without the running! Check out the Vietnam Wellness Week we have taking place this year

Are the retreats for women only?

Yes, all our retreats are for women only. 

Not only do women learn differently from men, they see the best results in a learning environment in which they feel comfortable, supported and free from judgement, which seems to work best with all-women groups.

Plus, we spend a lot of time together, and part of what helps bring everyone together is sharing their stories, triumphs and struggles in their everyday lives. And when learning new things and traveling in new places, women have to overcome certain fears and self-perceptions that men generally do not.

What is the booking process?

  1. Once you’ve selected which retreat you want to book, click on the “Book This Retreat” button to be taken to that retreat’s booking page. 
  2. Choose your preferred room type (if available), and whether you want to pay just the deposit or the full price now.
  3. Then choose your payment method; we accept credit card or bank transfer from your bank account (ACH). 
  4. After submitting your payment, you are automatically redirected to the Retreat Participant Intake Form. Please complete this form and also sign your liability waiver form.
  5. You’ll then receive an email confirming your booking. This email also contains a unique link (URL) for accessing your booking page without having to create a password. 
  6. You can pay your retreat balance any time up until the “Balance Due Date” as indicated for that trip. Here you’ll also find your “To Do List” of actions to take in order to prepare for your retreat. If you can’t find your unique link for your booking, you can click here to Manage your Booking.

What is included in the retreat package?

The itinerary varies, but generally includes ground transportation during the retreat, some airport transfers, professional trail running guides, run coaching, accommodations, most meals, activities, wellness workshops, custom souvenirs and support from your retreat leader. Excluded from the package are airfare, alcoholic drinks, purchases of a personal nature, guide gratuities, additional activities before or after the retreat. Learn more about what’s included by contacting your retreat specialist.

Are all your trips one-size-fits-all or do you have differing levels of challenge?

Our goal is to make our retreats accessible to runners of various ability and fitness levels. Having said that, some retreats are better suited to runners with more endurance and trail running experience than others. Learn more about the various retreat levels here. 

What is the difference between a running camp and a running retreat?

Running camps generally focus on workouts and coaching for building fitness and improving run performance. At Run Wild Retreats + Wellness, our focus is on building the foundation of health you need before you can safely and sustainably build fitness. That’s why our retreats are truly a retreat from your everyday routine and offer you a mental and physical break. That space allows you to slow down, tune in and rediscover what your body and heart are craving right now. Our retreats are enriching immersions that blend running, travel, adventure, education and community.

Learn more about the Run Wild Retreat experience here. 

Will I lose my deposit if I have to cancel?

Up until the deadline by which your balance payment is due (“Balance Due Date”), which ranges from 3 to 5 months before departure, you may transfer your deposit to a different retreat for a small fee. Or, you may put your deposit on file as credit or cancel your booking and receive a partial refund. Click here to view our full retreat booking and cancellation policy. 
We also offer comprehensive travel insurance packages through our partner, Travel Guard, that provide valuable coverage for travel mishaps such as unexpected medical emergencies, flight cancellations, cancel your trip due to work reasons, lost luggage and include 24/7 travel assistance. Click here to request a non-obligation travel insurance quote. 

What does the retreat leader do?

The retreat leader plays a vital role throughout the retreat that is very distinct from that of the running guide. Nor is she a running coach. 

While our locally based running guides are primarily responsible for clients’ safety on the trail, the retreat leader facilitates the entirety of the retreat experience.

It’s vital that our retreat participants feel included and supported, so the retreat leader provides specific mindful running techniques and tools to help the runners feel comfortable on the trails, which for many, is a new experience.

The retreat leader also leads a series of workshops through the retreat that suppor the runners’ transformational journey.

The adventure of traveling in a foreign place, running in a new environment and being with strangers offers retreat participants a unique opportunity to embark on an inner exploration as well as an external one.

For some, that may include facing certain challenges and working through them with the support of their fellow retreat participants and the retreat leader.

Lastly, the retreat leader manages all of the retreat logistics so that the runner runners can relax and fully immerse themselves in the retreat experience. Learn more about our retreat leaders here.


Can you organize a retreat for my private group or run club?

Yes! Our pre-designed itineraries for groups of eight or more people include everything your group needs to have a successful and rewarding running and wellness retreat, including professional trail running guides, accommodation, meals, wellness experiences and more.

And while your retreat is taking place, our retreat travel specialists are on call 24 hours a day to assist you.

Not only do we take all the work out of planning your group’s ideal run-focused retreat experience, but we provide you everything you need to be prepared, from packing lists to trail descriptions and maps to a detailed itinerary. 

We also provide your group with a customized retreat-planning mobile App that makes it easy to have everyone current on what to do, expect, bring and plan. We make your job organizing your group retreat easy and automatic.

Your group can pay altogether or individually. The rate per person may decrease the more people in the group. Learn more here.

Can my non-running friend / relative come with me?

Yes! Some of our retreat itineraries are conducive to having a travel companion who doesn't run join you anyway. While the group is running, she may do her own activity or, in some places, hike out-and-back along a portion of the running route the rest of the group is enjoying. 
Please be aware, however, that it is not feasible for someone to hike all the run routes due to time constraints, the guides and trail safety. We suggest contacting a retreat travel specialist for more information. 

Still have questions?