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Run Wild Retreats Ambassador ---> Click to apply.

Do you know runners who share your curiosity for adventure and passion for  running as a way to explore new places?

Do you run with people who, like you, value running as part of a healthy lifestyle?

Tell them about Run Wild Retreats + Wellness’s transformative running and wellness retreats, and when they book a retreat, you’re rewarded with credits towards the retreat of your dreams.

Plus, you earn the great feeling of knowing that you’re supporting other runners on their journey to healthy running. As a Run Wild Retreats Ambassador, you’re part of an inner circle of runners who proudly to share their healthy running practice, the lessons they’ve learned and the adventures they’ve experienced along the way.

Whether those adventures took place in Iceland, surrounded by glacier-capped volcanoes or your home-town trails, each new experience taught you something new about yourself that has made you a more aware and joyful runner.

As a Run Wild Retreats Ambassador, you first and foremost aim to support other runners–regardless of their ability level or background–in whatever way they need to belong in this community of healthy runners, that they can do more than they thought possible and they deserve a lifetime of running that supports their overall well being.

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