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Course Syllabus

Module 1: What’s Really Keeping you Stuck in the Injury/Burnout Cycle

  • What you’ll gain from this course
  • From wreck to runner: my story
  • The five ways stress keeps you stuck
  • Good stress vs. bad stress

Module 2: Cultivating Healthy Running Through Mindfulness

  • Benefits of mindful running
  • Four steps to mindful running

Module 3: Using Biofeedback to Reduce Stress, Injury and Burnout

  • How biofeedback helps your running
  • Using the Running Revive training log to track biofeedback

Module 4: Develop Your Athletic IQ to Run Better, Recover Faster and Resist Injury

  • How I know this works
  • Four steps to developing your Athletic IQ

Module 5: Achieving Flow in Running and Life

  • Why Flow Matters
  • What Flow Is
  • Six tips for cultivating flow
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