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How many runners do you know who have some kind of injury or issue that’s preventing them from running right now?

I can always think of at least a half-dozen people who have said to me recently, “Oh, I’d love to run, but I can’t because of ________ [insert issue].”

If running is so good for us, why is so hard for so many of us to stay healthy?

You know that pushing yourself harder, ignoring pain and fatigue aren’t the answer to sustainable running.

And that’s what lets you run well, have fun and be the healthiest runner you know.

To help you stay motivated and on the path of healthy running, I’ve created a little gift for you: the Manifesto for Healthy Running poster.

When you practice these principles, you’re not only proactively managing your daily stress, but also set yourself up for more fitness, fewer injuries and better training outcomes.

As a result, you’re more confident as a runner because you always know just how to run to meet your goals. Whether it’s too take a break and clear your mind, connect with friends, be out in nature or train for a race, your running perfectly aligns what what’s going on in your life, during the holiday and beyond.

Fill out the form below to download your gift now. Then print it out and post it on your wall for some daily inspiration.

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