Moab Mindful Running Retreat (Level I)

A low-mileage retreat to inspire a consistent, sustainable running practice

Guided Trail Run-Walks | Mindful Running Workshops | Restorative Yoga | Desert Beauty | Natural Running Form Clinics

You don’t have to worry about being the slowest one at this retreat! This four-day women-only retreat is ideal for those who are either new to running, returning to running after an injury or layoff, or who prefer to run short distances. All of the runs at this retreat (which are between three and six miles) employ a run-walk approach, so no matter your pace you’ll be able to go at pace that’s comfortable for you. With the support of our professional running guides, you can relax and enjoy the running without having to navigate or worry about logistics.

Even if you’ve never run trails before, you’ll soon get the hang of navigating Moab’s rock slabs, sandy dirt trails and gently rolling hills. The mindful running techniques, as demonstrated by your retreat leader, help you adapt your stride and running form to become as efficient as possible. Plus, the Wellness Workshops focus on how to use mindful running techniques to establish a consistent running practice that is sustainable and fits into your lifestyle.

Through our practical clinics, informative discussions, mindful movement and free time for quiet contemplation, you’ll develop a valuable set of tools for establishing a consistent, sustainable running practice. Join us in Moab to immerse yourself in the powerful healing energy of this vibrant desert landscape as you run scenic, challenging trails at a pace that is playful, relaxed and social. There’s no pressure to keep up with anyone else!

Participant Photos + Testimontials

Exceeded Expectations

“This retreat far exceeded my expectations! It gave me an opportunity to learn where I can go with my running and I love connecting with all the awesome, inspiring women!”

–Maude B, Rochester, NY

Love Trail Running Now

“Everyone ran their own run, not keeping track of time or distance. I am new to trail running but LOVE it now. I’m excited to see how this new love changes the story to my runs, the energy it will breathe through me, the new sights I will see, the challenges it will present and inevitably growth I will make.”

–Griselda P., Chico CA

Powerful Experience

“I am so grateful to be able to travel to a new place and have an experience in nature where I feel the power in my own body!”

–Alice M., Boston, MA

Retreat was a Dream

“This last week has been a dream. Run Wild Retreats put together a fantastic trail-running trip that improved my form and solidified a lot of what I’ve been thinking about running more mindfully.”
–Tracey S., Atlanta, GA

Organic and Relaxed

“I was concerned about going on a ‘scheduled’ vacation, but it didn’t feel scheduled at all. Everything was so well planned and coordinated, one experience just rolled into the next and I didn’t have to think about anything except having fun. I actually didn’t even realize anything was scheduled or coordinated, it just felt so organic, relaxed and fun!”
–Patricia J.

Glimpse of What's Possible

“Since my return home I have not been able to stop thinking about how much I enjoyed running on the trails in Moab. So much so that I have decided to celebrate my 50 birthday by running a 50 miler. Thanks again for giving me a glimpse into what is possible!”

–Meg G.

Best Things I have Done for Myself

“This retreat was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It was a great opportunity to learn from such a knowledgeable and compassionate coach and share my love of running with a fun-loving group of women. I returned home more motivated and inspired about my running. It was very enjoyable running with other women of all ages and hearing others talk about the challenges they were facing. In many cases, we face the same types of challenges so it was comforting to discover this and not feel so alone.”

–Patricia H., Boulder, CO

Eager to Practice Mindful Running

“After spending last weekend on a Run Wild Retreat, I returned home eager to practice mindful running. Today I paid attention to my posture, breathing and any negative thoughts that began to creep in (all part of the body’s response to stress). But managing how I responded to these symptoms allowed me to push past any negative thoughts and I finished feeling strong and well.”

–Nancy U, Washington, D.C.

4-Day, 3-Night Retreat Itinerary

Day 1 |  Powerful Posture

Our program begins at 2:00 pm at  Red Cliffs Lodge. After checking in and settling into your room, we’ll have an official welcome orientation meeting, during which your retreat leader will review what’s in store for the upcoming days and answer your questions. After the meeting, we’ll carpool (kindly asking for volunteers) to a nearby trail for our first group run. After a short warm up, we’ll pause and practice the key elements of the Power Posture, after which we’ll put these tips into practice during our relaxed shake out run. After freshening up back at the lodge, we’ll enjoy a fresh-prepared meal at the Red Cliffs Lodge’s Cowboy Grill.

Time on trail (including breaks and clinic): 60 – 90 minutes

 Day 2 |   Desert Splendor + Dino Prints

We begin the day with breakfast at the lodge, then drive to the Dino Trail. Part three of the Natural Running Form Clinic will give you the secret to using breath to regulate pace and efficiency while running on trails. Discover the ease of managing your effort level with this simple technique during today’s scenic and rewarding trail run that takes us along a scenic loop trail featuring “slickrock” (which is actually grippy sandstone) and vast desert views. Near the trail’s end, we’ll search for real petrified dinosaur bones embedded in a rock face.  After a picnic lunch, you’ll have some free time to relax at Red Cliffs Lodge. Late afternoon is our first Mindful Running Workshop, during which you’ll identify what you truly need to establish a consistent running practice. After the workshop, we’ll once again ask (different) volunteers to carpool into town, where we’ll enjoy a restorative yoga class designed for runners (no experience needed!), then dinner at a fabulous downtown restaurant.

Time on trail (including breaks and clinic): 2 – 3 hours

Day 3  |   Mindful Form at Big Mesa

After breakfast at the lodge, our guides will drive us to a local trailhead at the Navajo Rocks Trails. After an easy warm-up section of trail, we’ll pause for our second Natural Running Form clinic that will give you the tools and tips to run more efficiently. Our run contours along the base of massive red cliff walls on fun, rolling terrain. After about an hour, you have the option to end your run here, or continue another 1.5 hours (approximately) to the lower trailhead. Once we return to Red Cliffs Lodge, we’ll have lunch on the River Deck, followed by free time to freshen up before the next workshop.  You’ll have the opportunity to make purchases from the Mindful Running shop. Tonight we’re in for a special treat at a neighboring ranch (asking one last time for a few volunteers to help with the 5-minute drive), where we’ll enjoy a three-course farm-to-table gastronomic feast.

Time on trail (including breaks and clinic): 2 – 3 hours

Day 4   |  Feeling Fine at Fisher Towers

After breakfast, it’s a short drive with our guides to the final out-and-back trail run that is truly a celebration in the simple joy and adventure of running for our own health and happiness. While it begins with a bit of an uphill hike, this rewarding run is worth the effort to soak up the views and see the soaring Fisher Towers. You can choose to all the way to the trail’s end or turn around at any point along the way. Upon our return to the lodge, we enjoy a luxurious brunch buffet before our final wrap-up and farewells  at 1:00p.m..

Time on trail (including breaks): 2 – 2.5 hours

This program operates under a special recreation permit with the Bureau of Land Management Moab Field Office.


Important note about the runs: The total run-walk distance for this retreat will be between approximately 18 and 21 miles. Each day’s run-walk in this itinerary is represented by  time spent on the trail rather than miles run because the mileage covered will depend largely on your run pace. Faster runners will cover more mileage than slower runners in some cases. These run times include breaks to enjoy the views, take photos, eat and drink. The precise route and trails run may change due to changes to trail routes, weather conditions, guide recommendations and other safety considerations.


Start Planning Your Retreat

Moab Mindful Running Retreat (Level I)

• Three nights’ accommodation at the Red Cliffs Lodge
• Meals from dinner on Thursday through lunch on Sunday
• Private transportation between the lodge and trails
• Daily guided runs with professional guides
• Dedicated Retreat Leader
• Mindful Running workshops
• Restorative yoga class for runners
• Natural Running Form clinics
• Trail snacks/energy food and drinks
• Run Wild Retreats gift bag

⚠️ Covid Health + Safety Protocols are in place. Read about them here.

Deposit: $600

Balance Payment Deadline: 60 days before retreat begins

Max Group Size: 15 women

Shared Room Package (per person): $2,195
Private Room Package (per person): $2,495

*Shared room packages have two beds. Solo travelers may choose this option and will be paired with another retreat participant.

If traveling with a friend, you may list your friend as your preferred roommate on your Retreat Participant Intake Form.

You may customize your retreat package with various add-on services.

😊 The Flexible Booking Policy is in effect, which you can read about here.

This retreat is Level I, which means:

  • Daily runs/walks range from 3 miles to 6 miles on singletrack trails.
  • Two guides accompany the group to support the different pace groups, so there’s no pressure to run faster than you’re comfortable.
  • Trail running experience isn’t necessary. Your retreat leader provides trail-running tips for running in this terrain.
  • You’ll encounter trails with loose rocks, and some exposure to heights. You can walk/hike trail sections as you need.
  • Trail running shoes and a hydration pack are required.