Moab Mindful Running Retreat

trail running and wellness for women

Guided Trail Runs | Coaching | Restorative Yoga | Desert Beauty

March 29 – April 1, 2018 (sold out)
October 25 – 28, 2018

Reduce stress and prevent injury or burnout with mindfulness

During the Moab Mindful Running Retreat, situated in a stunning desert landscape of red rock, soaring cliffs and
delicate natural arches, you’ll tune in to what drives you—in running and in life—and make sure that your
energy is going into the activities that most feed your soul.

Through our practical clinics, informative discussions, mindful movement and free time for quiet contemplation,
you’ll stop the energy drains and divert your energy back into your running.

Become a durable, strong, motivated runner using these tools and techniques that will keep you healthy and injury free.
Immerse yourself in the powerful healing energy of this vibrant desert landscape as you run scenic, challenging trails
at a pace that is playful, relaxed and social.

What You Gain:

Run Sustainably

Learn to build a consistent, sustainable running practice that fits into your busy schedule.

Train smarter not harder

Become intentional with each run, whether it’s to get faster or clear your mind.

Recover Better

Support recovery processes with rest and foods that support muscle and joint repair.

Run Trails Better

Learn the secrets to making trail running fun and easy.

FInd More Flow in Running and Life

Tune in to your body’s signals to help you achieve the effortlessness that is flow.

Moab Mindful Running Retreat Itinerary

Day 1  |  Powerful Posture

Our program begins at 2:00 pm at  Red Cliffs Lodge. After checking in and settling into your room, we’ll have an official welcome orientation meeting, during which Elinor will review what’s in store for the upcoming days and answer your questions. After the meeting, we’ll hop on a nearby trail for a relaxed shake out run of about 4.5 miles.
Elinor will introduce the key elements of the Power Posture, after which we’ll put these tips into practice during our relaxed shake out run of about four or five miles. After freshening up back at the lodge, we’ll enjoy a fresh-prepared meal at the Red Cliffs Lodge’s Cowboy Grill.

Day 2  |   Mindful Form at Navajo Rocks

After breakfast at the lodge, we’ll have our second Natural Running Form clinic that will give you the tools and tips that will make trail running fun and easy, after which our guides will drive us to a local trailhead at the Navajo Rocks Trails. You may choose between a 9- or 6 mile options. Once we return to Red Cliffs Lodge, we’ll have lunch on the River Deck, followed by free time to freshen up.
Late afternoon is our first of three Wellness Workshops, during which you’ll uncover the truth about what’s holding you back from running and feeling your best. The workshop is followed by a restorative yoga class, then dinner downtown.

Day 3  |  A Run Through Time

We begin the day with breakfast at the lodge, then drive to the trailhead of today’s run along the Colorado River. Part three of the Natural Running Form Clinic will give you the secret to using breath to regulate pace and efficiency while running uphill. Discover the ease of managing your effort level with this simple technique during today’s scenic and rewarding trail run of about 7 to 10 miles (your choice) that takes us past ancient petroglyphs carved into the rock by the Anasazi people. After a picnic lunch, you’ll have some free time to relax at Red Cliffs Lodge before another Wellness Workshop then a special dinner at Red Cliffs Lodge.

Day 4  |  Feeling Fine at Fisher Towers

After breakfast we’ll dive right into our final Wellness Workshop, which is all about cultivating confidence and breaking through the mental blocks that keep us stuck in familiar yet not always healthy routines. Our final trail run (about 5.2 miles out-and-back) is truly a celebration in the simple joy and adventure of running for our own health and happiness. During this run, we take our time to soak up the views and see the soaring Fisher Towers. Upon our return to the lodge, we enjoy another lunch at the River Deck before our final wrap-up and farewells.

Transform Your Running

>Learn not only how to run more consistently, with more ease and flow, but also reconnect with how running feeds your SOUL. During the retreat’s wellness workshops, we’ll explore what it exactly you need to breathe new life into your running and daily life.

Don’t have a running routine? No problem! After our week together in Moab using the Mindful Running Training System (included with the price of the retreat), you’ll return home with a renewed love of running, sky-high confidence in your ability to pursue lofty dreams and goals, and brimming with energy and vitality.


Where does your energy go? Do you ever feel too tired to run? Do you ever feel so overwhelmed at the prospect of starting a training plan that you give up before you’ve begun? Do you want to run with others but fear you won’t be able to keep up or be the slowest in the group? Do your long runs or hard workouts so wiped out that you’re pretty much useless the rest of the day? Discover what feeds your energy and what depletes your energy and how to stop the energy leaks.


How well does running fit into your life? How often do you lack time to run, feel you should be running more, or feel guilty when you do “slip out” for a run. Reclaim your right to put your self-care at the top of your priority list. Discover how time it actually takes to develop the fitness you need to reach your goals without risking overtraining, under-recovering or cutting into your other obligations like family time or work. Using the tools we provide, you’ll design your own mindful running practice that will allow you to fulfill your goals and run with confidence.


Create goals with soul. Fearlessly step into your highest potential. No, this doesn’t mean becoming a super athlete (who needs that kind of pressure?!). Rather, our mindful intention-setting exercises allows you to bravely become the runner (and woman) you want to be on your OWN terms. Forget trying to fit into society’s, the media’s or your running partners’ idea of what it means to be runner and be the runner you know you already are.

About Your Host + Coach, Elinor Fish

I’m a writer, speaker and leader whose mission is to educate, inspire and guide runners on a path to balanced health through mindfulness, recovery, stress reduction, good nutrition, natural running form, self-care and sustainable training practices.

I founded Run Wild Retreats in 2010 with the mission to support women on the journey of self discovery through running, travel and mindfulness. I’ve witnessed so many incredible transformations during the four-day retreats I’ve led in the U.S. and Canada for over a decade, that I knew I had to expand these programs and bring them to more women.

At the Moab Mindful Running Retreat, running, travel, mindfulness and camaraderie are the mechanisms through which you reconnect with what truly feeds your soul, fills you up, brings a smile to your face and recharges your energy.

You won’t find another running camp or retreat like this one. Not only will you enjoy a fun, supportive running adventure in Moab, but you’ll also come away with an entirely new sense of what you can accomplish and how to make running a consistent and healthy part of your life every day.

What Others Say About Us

“The whole retreat experience and your expertise were extremely valuable to me. I love that the group was all women of a similar mindset.”

Amy S. Land O' Lakes, FL

“Our longest run along the Colorado River was something I would have never had the courage to try solo and it was great. I felt challenged yet able to enjoy the amazing scenery. I came away clearly understanding the importance of the Power Posture for my running, and the importance of telling myself a more positive story about my running.”

Ann Marie W., Denver, CO

“This retreat was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It was a great opportunity to learn from such a knowledgeable and compassionate coach and share my love of running with a fun-loving group of women. I returned home more motivated and inspired about my running. It was very enjoyable running with other women of all ages and hearing others talk about the challenges they were facing. In many cases, we face the same types of challenges so it was comforting to discover this and not feel so alone.”

Patricia H., Boulder, CO

“The retreat was wonderful and did help me feel more inspired about my running. As I am going through my current life transitions, I’m very glad to now feel motivated to run consistently. Thank you!”

Debra L.

marketer, marathoner, Denver, Colorado

Since my return home I have not been able to stop thinking about how much I enjoyed running on the trails in Moab. So much so that I have decided to celebrate my 50 birthday by running a 50 miler. Thanks again for giving me a glimpse into what is possible!

Meg G.

mother of three, runner

“Before the retreat, I was struggling with low motivation if I wasn’t training for an event and was hard on myself when I didn’t meet my goals. At the retreat I learned how to apply self-compassion to my running.  I loved the camaraderie, encouragement and support.”

Leslie H., Charlotte, NC

Your Four-Day, Three Night Package Includes:

• Three nights’ accommodation at the Red Cliffs Lodge (double occupancy in a suite with two Queen beds)
• Meals from dinner on Thursday through lunch on Sunday
• Daily guided runs
• Wellness workshops
• One restorative yoga class for runners
• Natural running form clinics
• Trail snacks/energy food and drinks
• Private group within the Healthy Runners’ Community
• Run Wild Retreats gift bag
• Introduction to Mindful Running online program

Retreat Group Size:
Price Per Person
(Shared double occupancy suite):
$1,950 USD
Price Per Person
(Private King suite bedroom):
$2,350 USD
$600 USD

4 Days

March 29 - April 1, 2018

Sorry, the Spring 2018 Edition of this Retreat is Sold Out. Join us in fall 2018!

October 25 - 28, 2018

Save your spot with a deposit of $600

Is This Retreat Right for You?

  • Daily runs range from 5 miles to 9 miles, mostly on trails and dirt pathways. Running surfaces also include short sections on paved roads and cobblestone streets. You have the option to extend one day's run to 12 miles. Our runs include periodic water and snack breaks (so we're not running non-stop).
  • Two guides accompany the group to support the different pace groups, so there's no pressure to run faster than you're comfortable. 
  • Trail running experience isn't necessary. Your retreat leader provides trail-running tips for running in this terrain. 
  • You'll encounter trails with loose rocks, and some exposure to heights. You can walk/hike trail sections as you need.
  • Trail running shoes are highly recommended.
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What are the accommodations like?

We will be staying in double queen suites at Moab’s Red Cliffs Lodge. That means two people share each queen suite (with their own bed). Private rooms may be requested at an additional cost if there is availability at the resort. Every room at Red Cliffs Lodge has a soothing view of either the Colorado River (just 100 feet away) or Castle Creek, which runs through the property.

The scenery is both spectacular and private. In addition, each room and suite is designed to capture the hardy frontier spirit of the West, with solid log furniture, knotty pine accents and muted stucco palates. But because even the most adventurous traveler craves a little civilization, every suite and cabin at the Lodge is stocked with plenty of genteel pleasures.

Every luxury room is a mini suite featuring:

• Separate kitchenette • Coffee pot • Refrigerator • Microwave • Toaster • Air-conditioner • Separate dining area • Fully tiled bathrooms with bathtub/showers • Carpet/Mexican Satillo Tile  On-site facilities also include outdoor pool, hot tub and exercise room.

How do I get to Moab?

We recommend the Grand Junction Regional airport, located a 2 hour drive northeast of Moab. Another good choice is the Salt Lake City International Airport (a 4.5-hour drive from Moab). We are usually able to coordinate retreat participants so they can share rental cars for the drive to Moab. The Moab Airport (called Canyonlands Field) is located just 10 miles from Moab, and currently has flights from Salt Lake City and Denver.

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