Preparing for your Retreat

Before the Retreat:

  • Fill out the Retreat Participant Intake Form, which we will have sent you by email.
  • Purchase Travel Insurance for your retreat package, such as the comprehensive policies offered by Travel Guard. We’ve partnered with Travel Guard to provide you with custom quotes for policies that include trip cancellation, trip interruption, lost luggage, medical and more. Contact for information.
  • If traveling internationally, check your passport to make sure that it doesn’t expire within 3 months of your RETURN date from the retreat.
  • Review our Retreat Booking Terms and Conditions page for information about your booking.
  • Join the Healthy Runners’ Community, where you can connect with the other people going on your retreat, your retreat leader as well as a wider community of runners who share your values around running and wellness.
  • After you make your retreat balance payment (3 or 4 months before the retreat), we’ll send you your comprehensive Retreat Planning Guide, a PDF booklet that contains all the essential information about how to plan your travel, get to the retreat venue and what to pack.
  • Book your flights (and rental car or shuttle) as needed to travel to the retreat venue.
  • Have other questions? Click here to view our FAQs or email to connect with a Retreat Travel Specialist.

During the Retreat

After the Retreat

  • Remain active in the Healthy Runners’ Community as a way to stay connected with the amazing people you met at the retreat and find resources and support for continuing your mindful running practice.¬†