Cultivate connection and well-being while experiencing some of the world’s most beautiful trail running destinations.

At Run Wild Retreats + Wellness, our specialty is in designing unique and unforgettable travel experiences in some of the world’s best trail running destinations. These retreats are centered around rewarding trails runs and wellness activities that will leave your group feeling refreshed, inspired and confident.

We strongly believe that shared experienced are more powerful, which is why each retreat allows plenty of time  rest, relaxation and connection between your group members. Our pre-designed itineraries for groups of eight or more people, include everything your group needs to have a successful and rewarding running and wellness retreat, including professional trail running guides, accommodation, meals, wellness experiences and more.

And while your retreat is taking place, our retreat travel specialists are on call 24 hours a day  to assist you.

Not only do we take all the work out of planning your group’s ideal run-focused retreat experience, but we provide you everything you need to be prepared, from packing lists to trail descriptions and maps to a detailed itinerary. We also provide your group with a customized retreat-planning mobile App that makes it easy to have everyone current on what to do, expect, bring and plan. We make your job organizing your group retreat easy and automatic.

Your group can pay altogether or individually. The rate per person may decrease the more people in the group. Contact us using the form below to find out more about reach retreat’s available dates and rates for your specific group.

Featured Private Retreat Destinations


Alpine Trails, Luxury Spa Resort, Gourmet Food
July, August, September
Run 4 – 10 miles per day
Group size: 8 – 20 people
Run level: Moderately strenuous
4 day Itinerary


Mediterranean Villages, Gourmet Food, Wellness Spa
Available April, May, September
Run 4 – 8 miles per day
Group size: 8 – 12 people
Running level: Moderate
7 day Itinerary


Desert Trails, Yoga Class,
Anasazi Petroglyphs
Fixed Dates: Oct 19 – 22, 2023
Run 5 – 8 miles per day
Group size: 8 – 17 people
Running level: Moderate
4-day Itinerary

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