Mindful Running Training Log


The Mindful Running Training Log is the simplest and quickest way to assess the effectiveness of your running by understanding the role stress plays. Motivational and inspiring, this full-color, 52-page spiral-bound booklet is more than a training log in which to record your runs. Gain real insight how well your running is working for you and how stress is affecting you so can make better training choices.
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The Mindful Running Training Log is the simplest and quickest way to assess the effectiveness of your running by understanding how stress from other areas of your life may be impacting your running quality. This kit explains the essential concepts you need to know, such as how to know when your running is productive versus unproductive.

No other running training log on the market takes into consideration this holistic view of running quality as a function of stress load and your overall wellness. This starter kit also makes it easy to evaluate what you write down and recognize the connection between stress and health.

This inspirational, beautifully designed, full-color print log book is designed to make running mindfully easy and meaningful. Use it as you train for your next big rate or to simply improve your running routine.

What’s Inside:

Part 1: Reviving Your Running. What you need to know about the relationship between stress and running.

Part 2: Using this Training Log. Learn the 6 steps for using and interpreting your training log data.

Part 3: Measuring Your Stress Sources. How to quantify the seemingly intangible effects of various life stressors.

Part 4: Evaluating Your Results. Make meaning from the information you’ve gathered to make stress work for you instead of against you.


–Perceived Exertion Rating Chart
–My Milestone and Accomplishment log
–Unproductive Stress Scorecard


“The training log book is absolutely stunning and inspiring! It makes me feel as though are going through some of the same challenges I am and it encourages me to start running again.: Shelly D., Houston, TX


“It’s very helpful to be able to numerically record stress to really see how it all adds up in a simplified, to-the-point kind of way. And I love being able to rate my runs with stars; it feels fun, and that’s how running should be!” –Ashley A., Boulder, CO