If you don’t need all the amenities and frills, you’ll love our Close to Nature Collection, where the accommodations are rustic yet provide all the modern comforts (like indoor bathrooms and showers) you’ll want and expect after a day on the trails. Don’t worry; we never skimp on the menu! Casual dining, often served family style, define this outdoors-focused retreat experience that’s guaranteed to let you feel close to nature indeed.

We’ve hand-picked charming, high-quality hotels and lodges for these retreats to ensure your comfort and care. These retreats typically include wellness services such as hot springs, restorative yoga class or spa treatment. You can expect wonderful dining experiences, often featuring locally sourced ingredients typical to the destinations in which we run. Get everything you need–and nothing you don’t–in your retreat package.

These retreats feature luxury accommodations, often with on-site, full-service spa, amenities and concierge services. You will feel like queen for the week or weekend of this retreat, and only because you deserve it! Itineraries typically include private motorcoach transportation, spa treatments and fine dining experiences. You’re sure to come away refreshed and revitalized.

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