On yesterday’s run along a snow-covered trail winding through stubby pinion tress and scruffy sage bushes, the sound of icy snow crunching under my feet soothed my scattered mind.

With the volume turned down on the usual chatter that fills my head, one dominant idea came to the forefront: running strengthens our voices as well as our muscles.

I explain what I mean by that in the short video above, but in essence, it means that it’s never been as important as it is now that we use our voices to speak up and stand up for the issues that matter to us most, and running helps us do it.

Sure, it can be scary to say what you really think. As women, we’re usually shut down when we speak out against what we think is wrong. And this is no exaggeration; just ask Senator Elizabeth Warren, who, last week, was silenced by her male peers in the most condescending and unacceptable way.

But one of running’s greatest benefits is the strength, courage, energy and opportunity to speak up, be seen and be heard.

Has running ever helped you feel more powerful? Running certainly does that for me–and countless women I run with at our retreats around the world–and that’s why I launched a fundraising campaign with 100% of the proceeds going to a charity that support’s women’s health.

Please show your support for women who speak up and get things done. And then go be one of those women yourself. Your families need you, your organizations need you, your community needs you, your country needs you.


She Persisted T-Shirt Campaign 

It’s more important than ever that we speak up and be heard on the issues that matter to us.

Your voice matters in what’s happening in the world today. We need you. If this message resonates with you, buy a shirt for yourself (and why not one for a friend, too!) and be proud to be seen and heard.

100% of the proceeds from these shirt sales go to Planned Parenthood, which provides vital women’s health care services across the country.

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