Is it harder to run the way you want (and feel good doing it)?

You love to run, bought training plans, joined the running groups … and yet:

You’re frequently injured
You’re always tired
Running has become a chore
Can’t stick with the plan or meet your goals

You’re right: running shouldn’t be so hard.

You deserve a running practice that
makes your body strong, keeps you
healthy, energized and motivated.

And rather than stressing over your chances of achieving future goals,
you deserve find a deep sense of satisfaction in every run.

Because feeling pressure to perform to someone else’s standards
—or to your own exalted standards—takes the fun out of running.


But when you focus on how running makes you feel in this moment,
that’s when running becomes truly joyful instead of
just another thing on the to-do list.


If you’re losing fitness or struggling to maintain what you have, first build a foundation of good health. 

Your path to healthy running starts here. We’ll show you how to get started.