The Run Wild Retreats Team

Elinor Fish, CEO and Founder

Elinor Fish has worked in the travel, tourism and running industries since 1999. The Canadian ex-pat, who now calls Colorado home, has long been an avid trail runner, writer and champion for women’s trail running. She spent four years as the managing editor of Trail Runner magazine, during which she founded Run Wild Retreats + Wellness in 2010. After witnessing the positive impact those early retreats had on the participants, Elinor reached out to her extensive network of contacts in the global running and travel industries to start offering more running tours in some of the world’s best trail-running destinations.

Throughout this time, Elinor’s personal health challenges led her to a deeper mindfulness practice. She soon recognized ways to blend running with mindfulness to create one powerful practice that could alleviate the effects of at-times debilitating chronic auto-immune diseases. Elinor’s magazine articles, public speaking presentations and retreat workshops about mindful running have since helped thousands of runners make their running a mindfulness practice to reduce their stress, overcome obstacles to consistent running and improve their overall well being.


Marie-France Lessor, Retreat Operations Manager

Born in Montreal, Marie-France Lessor (or “MF” as we call her) lives in the small town of Golden located in the heart of British Columbia mountains, Canada, where she has long worked in the travel and tourism industry, and now owns and operates a small B&B. MF is an avid alpine skier, cyclist and of course, trail runner.

After graduating from Montreal’s McGill University with a degree in exercise science, MF’s love of running started with 10km road races. She competed seriously in Olympic-distance triathlons for seven years and even became a member of the Canadian Olympic-distance Triathlon National team in the early 90’s.

“The one activity I kept from those wonderful triathlon racing years is running,” she says. “With aging, I took my running to the trails of the mountains around my home. As a widowed single parent and business owner, trail running is my lifeline. It helps me manage stress, and bring balance into my life, which is how I found Run Wild Retreats and Wellness. I look forward to supporting all participants staying energized with the wonderful benefits of trail running.”


Heather Lee, Retreat Leader

Heather, of Boulder, Colorado, is a trail runner and highly inspirational Women’s Mind/Body Wellness and Longevity Lifestyling Coach who leads several retreats a  year for Run Wild Retreats + Wellness. She has spent the last 25 years developing and facilitating dynamic and transformational retreats designed exclusively for women’s lives and life transitions. Heather is a  masters-level mental health professional with advanced training in mind/body medicine from the Harvard Mind/Body Medical Institute and is the past Director of the Mind/Body Medicine and Women’s Health Education programs at The University of Virginia Medical Center.

Her forthcoming book: Run. A Way With Your Problems, inspires women in using running as “lifestyle medicine” for balancing emotional well-being. When Heather isn’t leading retreats she is trail running and maximizing her “midlife mojo.”