About Run Wild Retreats

Run Wild Retreats + Wellness specializes in trail running- and wellness-based travel experiences that support women’s overall health and well being. Our programs feature mindful running techniques that help the women run better while maximizing running’s stress-reducing effects on the body and mind. Set in some of the world’s most inspiring natural destinations known to runners, each itinerary is an immersion in nature and wellness experiences such as yoga, hot springs or spa.

We include the specific elements you need to have wonderful retreat and leave out anything that doesn’t support that mission. Here’s an overview of what makes our retreat experiences so unique. To learn more about what’s included in a retreat package, click here. 

Meet Our Team

Elinor Fish

Elinor Fish

Founder + CEO

Lives In: Carbondale, CO

Elinor Fish has worked in the travel, tourism and running industries since 1999. The Canadian ex-pat, who now calls Colorado home, has long been an avid trail runner, writer and traveler, having lived most her adult life abroad. She spent four years as the managing editor of Trail Runner magazine and founded Run Wild Retreats + Wellness in 2010. Drawing from her career in tourism marketing for such destinations as Banff and Lake Louise (Canada), the Province of Alberta and Catalina Island, California, she has grown Run Wild Retreats Inc into an international travel company offering running and wellness-focused tours in six countries.

As a writer, Elinor has written numerous magazine articles and recorded dozens of podcasts about mindful running that have helped thousands of runners make their running a mindfulness practice to reduce their stress, overcome obstacles to consistent running and improve their overall well being.

She lives in the mountain town of Carbondale, Colorado, with her mountain-bike loving son and husband, and their senior black Lab.

Rebecca Picard

Rebecca Picard

Travel Operations Manager

Lives In: Providence, Rhode Island
Email: rebecca@runwildretreats.com

Rebecca was born and raised in northern Maine where she developed a strong love of nature and the outdoors at a young age. After getting a degree in graphic design, she moved to Vermont where she spent 10 years as a professional commercial and travel photographer, developing award-winning photography campaigns for artists and small businesses around the globe. In 2009, she followed her love of travel and has worked in the travel and tourism industry ever since.

Rebecca’s career and personal travels have taken her to over 55 countries and all seven continents.  Some of her favorite travel experiences include whitewater rafting in Bali and Costa Rica, trekking the Himalayas in Bhutan, hiking glaciers and swimming in Antarctica, drinking tea with locals in Iran, getting up-close and personal with the wildlife of the Galapagos Islands, and exploring the food and culture of Vietnam. She has led groups of travelers to Turkey and Syria, through the Panama Canal, Central America and the Caribbean, and throughout Southeast Asia. She believes deeply in the transformative and educational value of travel and loves designing new adventures that inspire self-reflection and appreciation for the world around us.

Charlotte Roennau

Charlotte Roennau

Senior Retreat Leader

Lives In: Aspen, CO

Charlotte is a former professional sprinter who has evolved into a mindful long-distance runner whose priority now is to run for fun.  Once known as Denmark’s fastest woman, Charlotte’s competitive mindset was wired for goal setting, performance and achievement. But as career stakes rose—along with them, the pressure to perform—she discovered the drawbacks to gold medals. Failing to qualify for the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona in the 400 meter hurdles led Charlotte to period of depression.

Putting her track career behind her, Charlotte forged a new career path that combined her sports-science degree with a new interest in mindfulness and yoga. She spent a decade using sports as a tool to create peaceful co-existence, social cohesion and reconciliation in the former Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. Her work with Cross Cultures Project Association (CCPA) and Global Education through Sports (GES) brought the core values of sports to bring kids, families, communities and cities together in conflict areas with respect for diversity, religion, culture and gender.

Hallie Stuart

Hallie Stuart

Guest Experience Specialist

Lives In: Salt Lake City, Utah

Hallie was born and raised in Aspen, Colorado where an outdoor lifestyle became a big part of who she is, and what she loves. A strong connection to nature, outdoor recreation, and mindfulness practices, keep her happy and healthy. After earning a degree in Environmental Studies, Hallie realized there were many different avenues she could take in her career. She believes that by connecting people to nature, they become more likely to protect it. Hallie’s enormous passion for adventure, travel, and wellness led her to pursue a career in the adventure travel and retreats industry. She continues to expand her skillset by pursuing a masters certificate in Adventure Tourism.

Hallie’s personal travels have brought her around the globe. She spent two years living on a sailboat, exploring the countries around the North Atlantic and South Pacific oceans. She has spent time in Europe, South East Asia, North America, Central America, and most recently Peru, in South America. Hallie thinks that travel creates the perfect setting allowing us to tap into our growth potential. The exploration of a new setting captures us into the present moment. We often feel wonder, excitement and even edge towards vulnerability. The moments when our ego flees, and we are humbled by the nature and local culture are why adventure travel is Hallie’s passion.