You don’t need any experience with mindfulness or trail running to gain a lot from this retreat. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been running, how far you can run or how many miles you log a week. It doesn’t matter if you run race or not.

What does matter is that you want a way to keep running that feels fun and easy rather that simply more work. Mindful running isn’t some newfangled running trend. Rather, it’s the most natural way to run. Relearn how to tune in to your body so you can run the way we were meant to run: with a sense of joy, playfulness and ease.

By the end of the Telluride Trail Running Retreat, you’ll have a system for designing a running practice best suited to your body, health and lifestyle. You’ll also know how to modify that running practice as other things in in your life shift and change to keep running sustainable.

Cultivate more energy and vitality through this weekend of mindful running and luxurious self care.

Telluride Trail Running + Wellness Retreat

September 19 - 22, 2019

Day 1 Thursday |  Arrive in Mountain Village + Welcome

Once everyone has arrived at The Peaks Resort + Spa, we’ll convene at 2 p.m. for our official Retreat Opening Meet + Greet. After introductions, we’ll review the weekend’s itinerary. Then we’ll head outside for our first Mindful Running Form Clinic followed by a relaxed 3-mile shake-out run on the beautiful trails surrounding the resort. After some free time to freshen up, we’ll meet in the dining room for dinner.

Day 2 Friday   |  Practicing Mindfulness on Alpine Trails 

After breakfast, we’ll meet our guides and drive to a nearby trailhead for a scenic trail run of about 8 miles. After a picnic lunch, we’ll return to the resort for some free time to relax and enjoy the spa. In early evening, we’ll have our first Mindful Running Workshop, in which you’ll learn about how stress affects your body as runner and some of the key principles behind making stress for you instead of against you. In the evening, we’ll take the gondola into downtown Telluride and walk to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

Day 3 Vik black sand beach

Day 3 Saturday | Intentions Mountain Views

Over breakfast, we’ll have our second Mindful Running workshop about how to stop striving for your goals and instead how to perform better–in running and in other areas of life–by investing in your well being. Shift your focus from outcomes to process to find more ease and flow. We’ll close this workshop by setting intentions to today’s run, then head outside for a 6 to 8-mile run. After the run, we’ll enjoy a special picnic lunch. In the late afternoon, we’ll return to the resort for some free time or spa treatments. In the evening, we’ll enjoy dinner in a nearby restaurant in Mountain Village.

Day 4 Sunday  |   Wellness + Wild Wisdom 

Over breakfast, we’ll have our final Mindful Running Workshop.  We’ll uncover what you need to know about the fitness- and health-supporting benefits of rest. And not just in terms of taking a “day off” from running, but making sure you are deliberately shutting off the stress response (fueled by their daily busy-ness as well as running) and activating the relaxation response. Today’s run will be about 5 to 6 miles, followed by lunch and our official Retreat Closing Meeting, during which we review your key takeaways from the retreat and how you will continue to apply them to your running lifestyle once you return home.

Note: the mileage listed here is for your reference only. While we always aim to follow the same routes, the actual mileage run on the retreat may vary by 10% or more. These variations may be necessary due to changes to trail routes, weather conditions, guide recommendations and other safety considerations.

Wellness Workshops

How mindful running helps you stress less and run more


You have a lot on your mind and it’s hard to shut off. Master the art of mindful running to slow the stream of thoughts, fears, worries and ideas streaming through your mind. Experience the power of clarity, focus and presence on and off the trail.


You don’t want a rigid training plan, but you do want to run consistently and sustainably. Be inspired to establish a running practice that fits into your life and stops mileage “feast or famine” cycles that leave you frustrated and exhausted.


Tired of striving to get more done in running and in life? Stop working so hard to make stuff happen and learn how to enter the Flow State, when you are performing at the very top of your game. This works in life as well as in running.

Natural Running Form Clinics

Use mindful running to run more efficiently and prevent injury

Part I: Power Posture

Use proper alignment to make gravity do more of the work. This reduces the muscular force involved with running so it feels easier and less strenuous on muscles and joints.

Part II: Focus on Efficiency

Use natural running techniques to drastically improve efficiency. You'll practice changing stride length, cadence and tempo on various types of terrain.

Part III: Find Flow

Put the pieces together to achieve the ultimate trail running experience. Learn to cultivate the circumstances for flow to occur by being relaxed and mindful.

About Your Retreat Leader, Kirsten Horning

Kirsten is a well-traveled, well-read runner with a background in teaching and an itch to share her passion for the outdoors with others. She has a Masters in Educational Leadership and Human Resources and a Bachelors’ Degree in German. Kirsten worked for Outward Bound as an instructor and course director for six years, during which she led mountaineering courses through the Sierra and Rocky Mountains.

Her love of connecting with different people and places has led her to live two years in Germany, and travel extensively from Nepal to Guatemala to Hawaii and many places in between. She loves running for its simplicity, the deep sense of community it can facilitate, and the ways in which she has witnessed running help her and others grow. Kirsten believes people must reach deep within themselves in physically demanding situations to find a sense of purpose, personal motivation and strength. She lives and runs in Telluride, Colorado with her husband and three children.

BONUS: Spa Massage Treament

Retreat participants receive a 60-minute professional massage at The Spa at The Peaks Resort, featuring Naturopathica eco-friendly skin products. Choose from a number of massage options that feature aromatherapy and therapeutic massage (relaxing or stimulating) to support your post-run recovery.

Details About Your Four-Day, Three-Night Retreat Package:

Telluride Trail Running + Wellness Retreat



Max Group Size:


Package Per Person (Shared Room):


Package Per Person (Private Room):


Deposit Amount:



4 Days 

Running Level:

Level II


• Three nights’ accommodation at the luxurious Peaks Resort + Spa Telluride
• All meals from Thursday dinner through Sunday lunch
• Access to The Spa at The Peaks Resort, including fitness center, pool and classes
• 60-minute aromatherapy massage at The Spa at The Peaks Resort (including gratuity)
• Daily group trail runs with your Retreat Leaders + professional mountain guides
• Mindful Running Workshops
• Trail snacks/energy food
• Run Wild Retreats souvenirs
• Introduction to Mindful Running online course
• Comprehensive Retreat Planning Guide

  • Flights
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Other incidentals
  • Guide gratuity
  • Ground transportation
  • Transfers between the hotel and airport
  • Travel/cancellation insurance
  • Anything else not listed under “What’s Included”


We are staying in high-quality hotel rooms each night. These rooms all have two twin beds and ensuite bathrooms that you will share with one other person if you book a shared room, or on your own if you book a private bedroom.

Planning Your Travel

Telluride, Colorado is served by the Montrose Regional Airport (MTJ). The airport is 65 miles away and has many direct flights including Denver, Dallas, Houston, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Newark, Chicago, and more. Telluride also has a local airport with connecting flights to/from urban hubs.

Flying into the Grand Junction Regional Airport is another option. Although it is 133 miles away from Telluride, it is often possible to find more affordable rates.

When to Arrive/ Depart

Our program begins on Thursday at 2:00 p.m. If you are driving to the retreat, we recommend arriving at 1:30 p.m. or earlier. 

Our program ends at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday. Select a return flight that leaves late enough so as to leave you enough time to arrive to the airport well before your flight departs. We will send you information about shuttles between these airports and Telluride in the Retreat Planning Guide. 

  • This retreat is rated Level II. This means it’s suitable for you if:
  • You’re comfortable running/hiking four days in a row. Our shortest run is 45 minutes, but most are around 3 to 4 hours (including hiking sections, water breaks and photo ops).
  • You’re OK with running/hiking on trails with loose dirt, rocks and some muddy sections.
  • You don’t have any health issues that may be worsened by intense exercise at high elevations (we’ll be running between 9,000 and 10,000 feet). 
  • You are able to handle long uphill and downhill terrain.
  • You have (or are willing to acquire before the retreat) trail running shoes.

September 19 - 22, 2019


If you want to book this retreat, contact us at to check for availability.

About Trail Running in the Colorado Rockies


Since the trails we’ll run are between 8,300 and 10,000 feet in elevation, the relatively thin air will encourage all of us (even those who live at altitude!) to run somewhat slower than normal. Even if you’re coming from sea level, you’ll be able to adapt your pace to adjust to running at these elevations. The air at this elevation is extremely dry, therefore, a hydration pack or waist belt to carry water bottles is required.


We’ll run on a mix of dirt roads and singletrack trails used mainly for hiking and mountain biking. Your retreat leader provides you with specific tips for navigating trail’s rocks, roots, uphills and downhills, to ensure your comfort and safety. You’ll take frequent breaks to take photos, enjoy the views and stay hydrated. You’ll alternate hiking and running as needed to keep the pace within your comfort zone.


Immerse yourself in our mountain retreat, inspired by the beauty and revitalizing energy of the San Juan Mountains. The Spa at The Peaks Resort defines a true spa experience, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and well-being for each and every guest. Here, you will find a tempting array of experiences, including traditional and innovative spa services and fitness and outdoor recreation surrounded by the pristine beauty of 14,000-foot Rocky Mountain peaks. Find restoration, transformation and renewed energy while experiencing the luxuries of this 42,000-square foot sanctuary.