One of our newest retreats takes place in Bhutan, known for it’s inspiring scenery and wellness-centric culture

Central to all of our women-only trail running and wellness programs is the practice of mindful running for the purpose of reducing stress and cultivating feelings of wellbeing and peace, which is why we invite you to run in Bhutan with us in 2023.

In these times of skyrocketing anxiety, stress and depression, more people than ever seek out travel experiences that actively help them gain tools and habits for dialing down the stress response.

And we wholeheartedly believe that adventure should leave travelers feeling inspired, rejuvenated and energized by the time they return home, not so exhausted and beat up that it takes weeks to recover.

So when looking for new destinations in which to develop unique mindful-running based retreats for women, we were drawn to Bhutan, the only country in the world to measure it’s success not by GDP, but by “Gross National Happiness” which values sustainability, cultural preservation, education and overall well-being above productivity.

Join our Mindful Running Retreat in 2024

Our new 10-day Bhutan Mindful Running Retreat is centered around daily guided mindful runs and hikes to shift runner’s awareness away from their productivity–as measured by miles covered–and toward a sense of self-acceptance and happiness.

Each day of this highly supported retreat itinerary, which combines a few hours on the trail each day with plenty of time for cultural and wellness activities that support recovery and connection with what inspires and invigorates each woman’s spirit and sense of wellbeing.

These include yoga classes, hot stone baths, Ayurvedic spa treatments, cooking class and guided Buddhist meditation sessions.

Guests will have the opportunity to hike and run in Bhutan each day for around four to eight miles on scenic trails that wind through tidy rice paddy terraces, rural villages, picturesque blue-pine forests and Himalayan valleys peppered with sacred sites, ancient fortresses and monasteries like the legendary Paro Taktsang, or “Tiger’s Nest” Monastery, perched on a high cliff. This iconic shrine, built in 1692, represents centuries of Buddhist wisdom and lore that is still revered today.

In addition to dedicated Bhutanese guides and driver, an English-speaking retreat leader escorts the group throughout the retreat and provides guidance on how to run mindfully in order to maximize running’s stress-reducing effects.

Retreat packages include all meals, professional guides, dedicated retreat leader, nine night’s accommodation in upgraded hotels, motorcoach transportation, roundtrip flights between Kathmandhu, Nepal, and Paro, Bhutan, traditional wellness experiences and more.

Retreat guests have the option to extend their time in Nepal with a stay at The Dwarika’s Resort, Dhulikhel, Nepal, before the main retreat. Each element of this luxurious spa resort supports holistic wellbeing and is ideal for recovery from jetlag before the main retreat begins. Under the guidance of an in-house Ayurvedic doctor and naturopathy expert, meditation, yoga and astrology masters, Hindu priest and visiting monk, guests will enjoy a highly supported and tailored experience that will raise their energy and supercharge their inner wellness journey.

Click on the Trip page below to see the full itinerary or contact a retreat travel specialist for more information at: or call 970-930-1295. Watch the video below for sneak preview of one of the beautiful boutique resorts we’ll stay at.

Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary

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