Sonoran Desert Retreat offers Mindful Running for Women in Leadership

As a woman in leadership, you're juggling huge responsibility and very hectic schedule, leaving you very little time for self-care. Heck, even sleeping through the night is a rare event. Most mornings you wake up groggy thanks to the countless night sweats and the jarring sound of your partner's snores.

And then there are the 3 a.m. anxiety sessions during which you ruminate on all the worst-case scenarios. Are you going crazy or is it just menopause wreaking havoc on your hormones?

Because you're never able to catch up on rest, you're constantly teetering on the edge of burnout, and yet somehow you power through because you know how much your team and family depend on you. 

You used to run and do other outdoor activities and workouts all the time, but now your good intentions for exercise often go unfulfilled. You simply don't have the time or energy. 

You know that this way of living and leading is unsustainable, but don't have the mental space to figure out what to do about it. Maybe when you're past menopause (in five to 10 years?!) you'll feel better. 

Or when you finish this next big project you'll magically have time and space to rest?

But can you realistically hang on that long? 

The concept of work-life balance is a pipedream. You have a lot you want to accomplish and you have big goals, so the idea of sitting around idly next to a pool or on a beach somewhere sounds tedious and fills you with anxiety.

So you want to make a change, but decision fatigue has left you at a loss for solutions. 

It's Not Expecting too Much that Your Self-Care Come First

In fact, your wellness shouldn't be a treat at the end of a long workweek or a reward for reaching a career milestone. You are absolutely entitled to feeling energized, healthy and happy every single day. And no, you don't need to sit on a meditation cushion in order to find the stress relief you so desperately crave. 

This November 14 - 17, 2025, Run Wild Retreats and Canyon Ranch are collaborating to deliver the ultimate wellness weekend for women seeking a reset this November. Set on the sprawling 150-acre Canyon Ranch Tucson resort at the base of the Santa Catalina Mountains just outside of Tucson, Arizona, this four-day, three-night retreat combines fabulous trail running with a series of personalized wellness treatments designed just for you by the Canyon Ranch wellness guides.

This retreat provides you with tools and support for incorporating mindfulness and self care into your daily routine while being as active and productive as you need to be.

mindful running for women in leadership

That's the beauty of this highly personalized retreat experience: you can pair the daily group mindful runs with either more fitness classes, sessions with a personal trainer or nutrition coach or enjoy rejuvenating spa treatments and soothing energy healing if that's what your soul craves. 

Run Wild Retreats is your guide on the running trails, while Canyon Ranch is your guide through a personalized wellness program designed specifically to address your most immediate needs and desires.

More than any of our other retreats, the Canyon Ranch Tucson Trail Running + Wellness Retreat is a highly personalized experience that offers just the right blend of group time with solo time to make sure you get the most from your Canyon Ranch stay.

What you can expect at the Canyon Ranch Trail Running + Wellness Retreat:

  • Relief from mental noise and a non-stop racing mind
  • Relief from anxiety and constant feeling that you should be doing more
  • Improved sleep hygiene: find the tips, tools and tricks to sleep better so you can wake up refreshed and ready to start the day
  • Mental rest from decision making, since we take care of all the logistics for you
  • Connection with like-minded women who can relate to your pressures and challenges as a leader
  • More flow and ease in your running and confidence on the trails
  • Inspiration to continue your new healthy habits for daily self care and stress management
  • Commitment to your values around health as a leadership strategy you can model for your teams

BONUS: Coaching Calls with Elinor Fish, CEO of Run Wild Retreats 

As a bonus to your your retreat package, you will be invited to two group coaching calls (via Zoom) with Elinor Fish, CEO of Run Wild Retreats, one before your retreat at Canyon Ranch and the second one afterwards.
These coaching calls will introduce you to ways you can incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine within the limited amount of time you have available and set an intention for the in-person retreat. Then the post-retreat call will provide you with additional tools, resources and support for fully integrating all you gained at the live retreat to help you sustain your new healthy habits.  

Elinor will share the lessons she learned the hard way as a leader and transformed from a burned out leader want to retreat from the world, to being energized, eager and inspired to lead her team and company to great goals. 

Women like Kristen Fox, head of Global HR at, is just one of the many women in leadership who keeps coming back to run Run Wild Retreats over and over to keep refining her mindful habits. Not only does Kristen benefit from this time to focus on her wellbeing, she is modeling self-care for her team to help them prevent professional burnout as well. 

Registration is open now for the Canyon Ranch Trail Running + Wellness Retreat, November 14 - 17, 2024. Will you join us?

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